Sunday, September 25, 2005

Who Shot President Kennedy?

I, for one, don't believe either of the following men have a clue. Plus, if you look at their pictures, could you believe anything, anything, they said. First, here's Byron Higgin:

& here's his opening paragraph on the subject:

"It’s been the standard joke for many years. Do you know who killed President Kennedy?"

I'd like to know what standard he follows? I had no idea that the assassination of a President was a joke. Oh, wait a minute, Kennedy was a Democrat, now I understand.

& now Brad Ayers & an unfortunate choice of dingbats (& I mean it) in an on-line version of a newspaper article:

"Because he never was an agency employee – and, as such, never signed a prepublication agreement with us – any suggestion that the CIA tried to censor or suppress his writings is incorrect," Gimigliano states in his letter.



The CIA hired Army personnel to help with training prior to the Bay of Pigs and subsequently, to train Cuban expatriates for planned operations inside Cuba.



"Ayers gathers evidence that his bosses at the CIA in Miami had direct involvement in the killing of both Kennedys."



That, too, is garbage and should be treated as such."


A lot of “ooos” & not one “ah”. Poor Brad. He’d like to live a quiet life:

"I would like to live out my life here with some reasonable degree of peace, acceptance and respect," he said. "I don’t know why I must constantly defend myself for my past, falsely condemned for speaking my mind."

Article via The Leader.

I wonder if it ever occurred to him that writing a book about the CIA assassinating a President might actually bring attention to his life? Maybe he should have written a book about how hurricanes & earth quakes & airplanes flying into buildings are all caused because of gays & lesbians & the ACLU, oh, wait a minute.... I need another mojito. The doctor told me it would change my day, I believe it may change my life.

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Anonymous said...

Check out this example of Higgin's handiwork.
Compare this


See any similarity? Lee Pitts did and had this to say
Curtis... How's this for a quote:
For the Sentinel to say that Mr. Higgins did not plagiarize my work
is ludicrous. If he did not, why did he apologize?
Plagiarism is trying to palm off the work of someone else as your
own. This Mr. Higgins surely did.
For Wade Weber to deny that my work was copied just rubs salt in an
already sore wound. I have owned a newspaper and been involved in
publishing for over thirty years so I know plagiarism when I see it.
In thirty years of writing columns, essays, books and feature stories
there have been several instances of people borrowing my work without
being given permission to reprint. During all those years this is the
worst example of people stealing my work I have ever encountered.
Anyone who did this while on my staff would be fired immediately"