Monday, September 12, 2005

Stormy Monday

Well, I wish. Slow posting day. I started out this a.m. by being picked up by my fireman friend & we went to look for a pothole another friend said I was welcome to duck hunt on. We did find a large swamp, but no pothole. We'll try again, maybe this time I will get some specific directions. Please, no shots about men & maps. Then I went up to a doctor's appt. That done, I came home & it has been raining since. I can't seem to see much to post. I'm pretty much losing it as far as NOLA goes. It is so overwhelming & Bu$hCo's response so underwhelming. I would like to look forward to bird season, but the grouse population is still at rock bottom (six years running) & with the woodcock population going to hell as well, it's hard to get my blood up. Maybe the nice, cool days of October will change that, or maybe a trip to either of the Dakotas for pheasants or sharptails would help. Right now, who the hell knows. Whenever anyone asks me how things are going, I normally respond by saying "Things could always be worse." Right now, I'm not so sure they could.

UPDATE: On the up side, yes there is one, I took the Harley out on the highway for the first time yesterday & all went well. I even got buffeted about a bit by a strong wind. It was fun.

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