Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sat. Night

Slow blogging today. The kid, son-in-law, friend from St. Louis, & Mrs. coldH2O went sailing on Lake Superior today. That's an iffy proposition on an extemely warm day in summer. I had to take a garbage bag of dry clothes up to them. We had dinner with the Sidekick & Mrs. Sidekick. A slightly belated b-day for Mrs. Sidekick. They all had some pizza & I had some pork ribs. It was all good. The Wisconsin/Michigan game was all good too, until now, Michigan just scored a TD to take the lead in the 4th. I drove the bike to town & back, just beating some rain. I'm getting more comfortable on it, but the city driving is hard to get used to. The slow turning is goofball with the big bike. Kind of like getting the Sidekick to understand his role. My job is never done. Later.

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that you purposely missed the progressive political training. There's a grand and glorious reveloution to be fought and we're going to loose because you were too worried about a little rain!

Viva the reveloution!