Friday, March 25, 2005

Third Time

I am about to get the ability to post pictures, just a little bit more time. I am going to miss today's cat blogging. I still furious about this Schiavo debacle. Although I did write to my Senators asking them to sponsor a bill in my daughter's name so she can get health insurance. I wonder if they will answer. On another note, I feel proud to note that the goofballs at Power Line have called me a "moron." I wear the title proudly, especially since such paragons of virtue, honesty, & manliness gave it to me. What a bunch of backward thinkers. Anyway, onward & upward with this blog thing. I will soon be posting on Northland College, an institution that I graduated from & then taught at for over a decade. I won't bore you with the injustice of working as an adjunct, but I recently downloaded their 990 form & was quite surprised at the financials. I also want to do more on the local politics of the largest (7,000) city near me. Otherwise, spring is in the air & in my driveway of mud, but at least it is not the red clay down the hill from me.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Second Time

I'm still learning, trying to do pics, at least for Friday cat blogging, & how to link. I'm fairly upset today given what DeLay & Frist have done. This poor woman & her husband really ought to be left alone. The ReThugs will find nothing too low to try & make a political point. I hope DeLay is indicted, convicted, & made to sit in a small cell for years, being forced to listen to bad poetry. & Frist, he ought to be made to provide play-by-play of kitty dissections; he can't do analysis though, because, well, he can't do analysis.
Now on to my sad life. I slipped on some ice beneath some hay while I fed the horses. I forgot about the insulating value of hay or sawdust. Yes, we still have snow here. The horse didn't seem to mind, only the youngest bolted, the oldest gelding just sort of nodded his head, having seen it all before. I forgot, he didn't.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

First Time

This is the first attempt at posting. Like any caring person, I am outraged at the Republican led Congress & what they are doing in the Terri Schiavo case. This story is a painful story, but it has become more painful because of Tom DeLay & Bill Frist, a bug killer & a kitten torturer. But now...the name of this blog comes from the small stream that runs the length of our property, an eight inch brook trout would be a trophy here. After being here for 32 years, I still haven't found out how it got its name. More later....