Monday, March 31, 2008

Even A Clock Is Occassionally Correct

Somebody in the Bu$hCo assministration stumbled upon a truth. What's up with that?
The federal agency charged with overseeing mine safety was negligent in protecting workers at the Crandall Canyon Mine, the Labor Department's own Inspector General says in a new report.
You can read the full report here.

It's Amur Tiger Time

I Like

Skippy, the bush kangaroo is just great, for among other things, finding stuff like this. Here is an Irish postman singing Nirvana while sounding just like a good voiced Elvis. Thanks Skippy.

Vote For Louis Butler Tomorrow

This is a crucial judicial election in Wisco. Those of us with brains & ethics lost last time to someone who was unable to separate her family's interests from the interests of the law. This time, it may be worse. Please, loyal four readers, & those of you who live in Wisco, Vote for Louis Butler for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Here's a letter I just received from Sen. Feingold:
On Tuesday, we have an opportunity to reelect a Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice who has both the experience and integrity Wisconsin deserves. That person is Justice Louis Butler.

Justice Butler's 15-year record of fair and impartial judgments is something we can all be proud of as he has worked to make our state safer and stronger. With outside interest groups spending millions of dollars in advertising in an effort to buy the court, it's imperative that we protect the integrity of our State Supreme Court.

I'm proud to support Justice Louis Butler for the Wisconsin Supreme Court and I hope you will join me in voting to reelect him tomorrow, April 1.

I Wonder If They Voted For Bu$hCo

This must be curling the toes of the Bu$hCo christianists. All that work & the military partially undermines the lord. Via The Raw Story.
...we discovered that many of these women are military wives who have taken on surrogacy to supplement the family income, some while their husbands are serving overseas.
I thought all these volunteers were being paid enough in order to show how much the country appreciated them. Who knew?

Yeah, Sure

Had Alphonso Jackson attended diligently to the nation's housing problems, he might not have had to resign. What a hack.

About Right

I don't like linking to Atrios, but he's right on with this post.
Lots of people in this country are basically born on 2nd and 3rd base and then manage to stay there for the rest of their lives. And many of them look down on those who start at home plate and fail to hit a home run.

One More

Another superdelegate for Obama. This one must gall the folks at the pro-Sen. Clinton blogs. Ouch.
Barack Obama picked up the endorsement of Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar Sunday night, giving him another superdelegate supporter.

Just Can't Stop The Good News From Being Printed

Hungry? If you're not, be thankful.
Driven by a painful mix of layoffs and rising food and fuel prices, the number of Americans receiving food stamps is projected to reach 28 million in the coming year, the highest level since the aid program began in the 1960s.
Bu$hCo's legacy just keeps building. My emphasis.

Go Do Something


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bu$hCo Is Such A Failure

First, baseball fans, showing great good sense, hate the bastard.

& it takes an Iranian General, from Iran no less, remember a member of the Axis of Evil, to get Mr. Sadr to pull his militia from the streets of Basra. Does anyone in world think Bu$hco has a brain? What about his girlfriend, Condi Rice? Real good diplomatin' there, chief.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Do Something

Again. I know that my loyal four readers have done something, but anyone else out there, well, you need to do something as well. McCain is getting a free ride from the main stream press, let's not allow him a free ride on campaign finance, after all, he wrote the law.

Over There

Things are working out so nicely, because of the surge. Heckuva job, Bu$hCo.
“Unfortunately we were expecting one thing but we saw something else,” said Ali Hussam, 48, a teacher, who said that after Saddam Hussein the people of Basra had hoped for peace. “But unfortunately with the presence of this new government and this democracy that was brought to us by the invader, it made us kill each other.”

My emphasis. Also note the headline of the story: Shiite Militias Cling to Swaths of Basra and Stage Raids. How does one "cling" to something, yet still have the ability to "stage raids"? Sounds like the headline writer has wishes, or, orders.

Some Democratic Party Leader

Said this the other day. See if you can guess who said it.
But McCain, who Mr. ****** said is a "moderate", "has given about all you can give for this country without dyin' for it."

He said McCain was on the right side of issues like being against torture of enemy combatants and global warming, which "just about crosses the bridge for them (Republicans)."

My emphasis.

This is why Sen. Clinton needs to stop her campaign right now. We can no longer afford to have her husband* politicking for dorkface McCain. Do you want to bet that the ReThugs will use this quote, along with Mrs. James Carville's love letter to Libby's judge? Well, do you? Here's part of Mrs. James Carville's letter to Judge Walton:
... my husband James Carville, a Democratic Strategist and Clinton supporter...has deep respect for his intellect, his integrity, and joins me in the sentiments expressed here. [Note: "his" = Scooter Libby, ed.]
My emphasis.

Carville's spiteful attack on Gov. Richardson & then his (Carville's) silly op-ed supporting himself, will also be used this fall. We really don't need faux Democrats like James Carville anymore. They have caused enough destruction to a once proud political party. Those of us on the left need to constantly remind, not only ourselves, but people like Carville, that they aren't welcome here anymore. They ought to join the party that serves their interests, the ReThug party. Leave us alone, James Carville, you've done nothing for us lately.

*Yep, President Bill Clinton said those fine words about McCain. Makes you sick, doesn't it. Time to let Rep. Tammy Baldwin know that she needs to switch her allegiance away from Sen. Clinton & to Sen. Obama. I have a lot of respect for Ms. Baldwin. Right now, I don't have much for Sen. Clinton.

America's Decline

Here's one reason why this country is in trouble
Membership in the United Auto Workers fell 14 percent last year, to its lowest in nearly 70 years, as U.S. automakers, scaling back to stem losses, paid factory workers to quit or retire early.
Unless the left wakes up, this is going to continue & we are all going to suffer.

What An Asshole

Carville. I so thankful that he is helping elect John McCain. Good job James in learning the ReThug talking points from your wife. You remember her, Cheney's lackey. Oh, & BTW James, just shut up.

Friday, March 28, 2008

More Slow Economic News

J.C. Penny is having some large troubles. I wonder when they will go the route of Montgomery Wards? The way of the Ford dealerships in very small towns?
Over the last year, J. C. Penney rolled out a powerful new marketing campaign filled with heartstring-tugging commercials, it introduced a clothing and home d├ęcor line from Ralph Lauren, and it opened 50 stores.

But consumers are not biting — and, on Friday, J. C. Penney sharply cut its earnings forecast for the first three months of the year, by 33 percent, blaming the tough economy.

That fresh sign of distress in American retailing was reinforced by a report from the Commerce Department that consumer spending remained stagnant in February, growing at the slowest pace in more than a year because of the housing slump and a weak job market.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Mean, Jesus Christ On A Ritz

This is how up becomes down & wrong becomes right. Impeach the dumbass bastard.
[Bush] backed the Iraqi Government’s decision to “respond forcefully” to the spiralling violence by “criminal elements” and Shia extremists in Basra. “It was a very positive moment in the development of a sovereign nation that is willing to take on elements that believe they are beyond the law,” the President said.

Go read & click through the links by Satyam. Green Zone rockets attacks, Sadr possibly letting his militia go, dead Americans, dead Iraqis, & a blown up pipeline. If this is progress, give me inertia.

About Time

Superdelegates! It's about time.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Click the pic for a larger image. It makes it easier to read. Don't feel bad, I just learned I need tri-focals. I must be a geezer.

Via Crooks & Liars. From here.

I Needed This

Here's one thing that is helping to ease this long, long winter. Thank you Watertiger. This is good karma producing stuff. Go ahead loyal four readers, listen to The The, don't be afraid, it's only The Dogs of Lust.


This comes out now, 5 years after Bu$hCo's vanity war. Gee, I wonder why the Justice Department did this?

Lessons Not Learned

There are many of us who did not believe Bu$hCo would honestly stop the corruption that was Enron, & again, we have been vindicated. Here's the accounting firm's, KPMG, defense:
A spokeswoman for KPMG, Kathy Fitzgerald, denied the accusations. “We strongly disagree with the report’s conclusions concerning KPMG,” she said. “We believe an objective review of the facts and circumstances will affirm our position.”

Sound familiar?

Go Do Something

Click here to do something. Trust me, it involves making ReThugs obey the law, just like we all do. Don't be afraid, the son-of-a-bitch Bu$hCo already knows who you are. I suppose you can thank me for that. Well, you are sincerely welcome.

McCain Is No Maverick

Here's one reason. Yeah, blame the victim, that will work in the general election.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sen. Clinton Has A Lot Of Dubious Support

This is what purports to be reasoned, civil discourse at a Sen. Clinton supporting blog. My, my anybody can train a Labrador Retriever, that's why they are so popular. There is one in my household, for crying out loud. This comment could be one more reason not to vote for you know who.
No, actually it’s like a whole ton of beetle-browed cretins who pile onto any smidgen of support for Hillary Clinton like poorly housetrained labrador retrievers on a squirrel. Don’t see much of a resemblance, there.

& notice how the commenter can't seem to spell Labrador Retriever, no wonder they can't be trained in that household.



What's your level? Click on the box above to find out.

The Dollar

For those among my loyal four readers who are interested, here are four currencies compared to the good, old dollar from the US of A. I'm no economist or even someone who does a good job of balancing my checkbook, but I don't think this is good. Comments & help, please.

Live rates at 2008.03.25 20:31:20 UTC
1.00 EUR = 1.56160 USD

1.00 CAD = 0.983072 USD

1.00 AUD = 0.915937 USD

1.00 GBP = 2.00240 USD

Not Good

Looks like the surge is not having the desired effect in the south of Iraq. I thought McCain said it was a success. Well, as one northern Minnesotan said, "There is no success like failure, and failure is no success at all."

Well, Sure

Impeach the bastard Cheney. That's what I'd do if I was the Speaker of the House. I'd impeach him right now, then, a minute later, impeach the evil Bu$hCo as well.
"I think this was a brutal, deliberate policy to ignore a wide range of written laws and constitutional principles and the legitimate powers of Congress…It's different than anything we've seen in American history and I think it ought to be seen not as two responsible positions, but ought to be seen as a dramatic challenge to American's system of government."

My emphasis.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Not a happy Easter for four more American families. Happy now Bu$hCo? Son-of-a-bitch.

Here's Why

Sen. Clinton needs to stop her campaign, & stop it now. Via BooMan.

More Super Cuteness

Well, OK

Happy Peeps Day.
Sometime during eternity
some guy shows up
and one of them
who shows up real late
is a kind of carpenter
from some square-type place
like Galilee

and he starts wailing
and claiming he is hip
to who made heaven
and earth
and that the cast
who really laid it on us
is his Dad

And moreover
he adds
It's all write down
on some scroll-type parchments
which some henchmen
leave lying around the Dead Sea somewheres
a long time ago
and which you won't even find
for a coupla thousand years or so
or at least for
nineteen hundred and fortyseven
of them
to be exact
and even then
nobody really believes them
or me
for that matter

You're hot
they tell him

And they cool him

They stretch him on the Tree to cool

And everybody after that
is always making models
of this Tree
with Him hung up
and always crooning His name
and calling Him to come down
and sit in
on their combo
as if he is the king cat
who's got to blow
or they can't quite make it

Only he don't come down
from His Tree

Him just hang there
on His Tree
looking real Petered out
and real cool
and also
according to a roundup
of late world news
from the usual unrealiable sources
real dead

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, "[Sometime During Eternity]" (1958)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Song

Via I Am Trex. Although I would suggest that this song is by far the superior kiss-off song. With respect for full disclosure, I will admit to transcribing 4th St. by ear & hand for my friends back in the day.

Ur So Gay

3 More

Dead. Remember what Dick "Dick" Cheney just said:
Vice President Dick Cheney had a different message. Informed during a Good Morning America interview broadcast Wednesday that two-thirds of Americans now think the war was not worth fighting, Cheney said: "So?"

Image from the same website linked to above.

More On Bisphenol A

Where's J.B. Van Hollen on this story? He's probably enjoying some industry sponsored perks, or not. Relying on industry to do the right thing is like asking a squirrel to leave the bird feeders alone. I hope the "scientists" who helped OK this latest outrage that will be Bu$hCo's pathetic legacy.
In response to a congressional inquiry, Stephen Mason, the FDA's acting assistant commissioner for legislation, wrote in a letter that his agency's claim relied on two pivotal studies sponsored by the Society of the Plastics Industry, a subsidiary of the American Chemistry Council.

One of the studies has never been published, and therefore never subjected to peer review; the second has been heavily criticized by researchers who say the results are inconclusive because of flawed experimental methods.

Bu$hCo's out protectin' the homeland, alright, doin' the hard work. It must be so romantic for Bu$hCo to be fightin' the war on the truth. Jeez Louise.
“I must say, I’m a little envious,” Bush said. “If I were slightly younger and not employed here, I think it would be a fantastic experience to be on the front lines of helping this young democracy succeed.”

“It must be exciting for you … in some ways romantic, in some ways, you know, confronting danger. You’re really making history, and thanks,” Bush said.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Late Friday Night Cat Blogging

Baby tomcat, aka Tab Benoit, has the power to burn through solid oak with his demon eyes.

You Go, PZ, You Go

What a great story & deliciously hilarious as well. You must read it.

This Is True

Sen. Clinton cannot win the Democratic Party's nomination for President this year. I wish she would end her destructive campaign. All she is doing at the present time is giving the ReThugs ammunition for the fall campaign. I know a lot of women are/will be disappointed, but that is life. I'm disappointed that Shirley Chisholm wasn't given a fair shake, but I supported her back in the day. I got over it & moved on. It's time for Sen. Clinton's supporters to do the same. We need a Democrat in the White House, someone who will bring the troops home, provide for the poor & middle class, ........
Journalists have become partners with the Clinton campaign in pretending that the contest is closer than it really is. Most coverage breathlessly portrays the race as a down-to-the-wire sprint between two well-matched candidates, one only slightly better situated than the other to win in August at the national convention in Denver.
My emphasis.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I'm a bit drowsy, but go read this & understand how Bu$hCo was really unable to be elected in an honest manner, understand that he had to steal both Presidential elections.

As the storm clouds gathered, was President Bush once again asleep at the wheel?

A consistent theme in today's political and economic coverage is that Bush's failure to recognize the severity of the ongoing financial crisis and act accordingly is reminiscent of his disastrously slow and inept response to Hurricane Katrina.

Maura Reynolds and Janet Hook write in the Los Angeles Times: "In some ways it was a throwaway line, the kind of praise a boss tosses out casually. But as the economy teetered Monday, President Bush's words to Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson struck many as discordant and disengaged.

"'I want to thank you, Mr. Secretary, for working over the weekend,' Bush said as he met with his economic advisors at the White House. 'You've shown the country and the world that the United States is on top of the situation.'

"Actually, many analysts and critics said, by focusing on Paulson's working hours instead of on the fear gripping Main Street and Wall Street, the president seemed to show just the opposite -- that he has failed to grasp the gravity of the country's economic crisis.

"'He has no idea what's going on. Even by his standards, he's wrong,' said Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, who said he had been trying to get the president to pay more attention to the economy for more than a year.

"Bush's 'working over the weekend' line also suggested a comparison to another disaster in which he was accused of acting too slowly: Hurricane Katrina. After the storm, the president was ridiculed for praising FEMA Director Michael D. Brown for doing 'a heck of a job' -- even as thousands remained stranded in floodwaters in New Orleans."

What's the equivalent of the broken levees this time around? "[S]ome economists and lawmakers said that the administration had too strongly resisted efforts to regulate either the mortgage industry or Wall Street's new mortgage-backed securities out of a misplaced faith in free markets," Reynolds and Hook write.
My emphasis.

I Must Apologize

The blogging has been slow due to the fact that I have a bunch of work this week & I'm not getting home until after 6 p.m. & Mrs. coldH2O's uncle died so she's off to a funeral near Beer Town, WI & I'm trying to finish an easel for The Twins & I'm dealing with a bitch in season & an old, old Yellow Labrador who's given up even pretending he needs to go out & to top it all off I'm expected to clean up the living room AKA easel construction central. I may not survive, but will grit my teeth for you, my lovely & loyal four readers & give it the old community college try. I do one for the gripper, or this the gripper or just shoot me now.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Go Do Something

Start here.

Let The Good Times Roll

If you are already rich. On the other hand, I can't wait for that $300 check. I so excited, I don't know what magnificent thing I will purchase. How about you?
Far more than at any time before, the Federal Reserve is putting
its vast resources and its reputation on the line to rescue Wall
Street’s biggest institutions from their far-reaching mistakes.

Over the next few months, the central bank will lend hundreds of
billions of dollars to banks and investment firms that financed a
mountain of mortgages now headed toward default.

No one knows how many financial institutions will be looking for
money, or how much they will seek. No one knows how much in
hard-to-value securities the central bank, in return, will have to hold
as collateral.

Just Bad News

Real bad news.

Old Fish, Small Fish

Here's a short piece about a 26 year old lake trout that only weighed 2.5 pounds.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Halvor, Indeed

I so glad Generale di Jesus is on the Internets.
Although Jesus' mother, Mary, could trace one ancestral line to King David, the rest of her family tree was firmly planted in Bar Oslo, Bethlehem's Norwegian Quarter. It was a vibrantly Scandinavian neighborhood, a place where all the ethnicities of Bethlehem (except the God damned Swedes) gathered to dine in the Norwegian restaurants and dance the Eikerril until the wee house of the morning.
Mormons would take it another step and point to God as the physical father because they believe Elohim (who looks a lot like Edgar Winter would have looked had he joined ZZ Top) came to earth in the form of a swan and impregnated Mary (presumedly after showing her his collection of Barry white LPs). But Jesus H Christopherson, that's just nuts!

Emphasis mine.

Not Better Late Than Never

First, Tbogg.
No. I don't think so.

I wish it was that easy, but for those of us dirty fucking hippies who knew it was going to be the big fucking mistake that is was, is, and will remain, we're not in a "let bygones be bygones" "no use crying over spilled blood" mood.

Then the NYT via BooMan.
The president will continue to claim the country is in grave danger over this issue, but it is not. The real danger is for Mr. Bush. A good law — like the House bill — would allow Americans to finally see the breathtaking extent of his lawless behavior.

My emphasis.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

John Lee Hooker/Van Morrison

U2/Green Day

Green Day

well, we let him steal two elections

"The bailout had officially begun."

I wonder why the rich get the bailouts, while the rest of us get lectures about responsible borrowing?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Random Random

Really random in that I don't do it enough to be stable, oh, forget it. Those of you familiar with Tbogg will know about his pre-Friday Random 10. Here's mine a day late. You just put your iPod or whatever on Shuffle Songs & write down the first 10 that come up, & there is no cheating. We will know if you cheat, oh, yes, we will know.

1. All Night Long - North Mississippi Allstars
2. Zydeco On The Bayou - Terrance Simien And The Mallet Playboys
3. Walking To New Orleans - The New Orleans Social Club
4. Feelin' The Same Way - Norah Jones
5. That's When I'll Come Back To You - Louis Armstrong
6. Poison Love - Robert 'One-Man' Johnson
7. Luck So And So - Hot Club Of New Orleans
8. Alright By Me - Delbert McClinton
9. That's Rock 'n Roll - Janis Joplin
10. Darling Night - Van Morrison

Lucky Number 11 - Heart Of Defiance - Molly Maher & Her Disbelievers

Hell, Yeah

I agree with Mister Leonard Pierce. Read it all, but here's a good part:
I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it until he’s not drawing either breath or a taxpayer pension: George W. Bush is a fucking dick.

Good News

The House passed their version of the Surveillance Bill without retroactive immunity for the telephone companies who willingly gave Bu$hco all kinds of information about our private phone usage without a warrant. Apparently, Harry Reid, whom I've not had a lot of good things to say about, worked some procedural hoo-doo & got the right right thing done. Way to go, y'all. Your phone calls & emails & faxes & letters had an impact. We are slowly beginning to get the country back on a good heading.

Enough For Me

This is good enough for me to believe. As if I didn't feel it last week when I paid $4.20/gal. to fill up my diesel pickup last week.
The United States has entered a recession that could be "substantially more severe" than recent ones, former National Bureau of Economic Research President Martin Feldstein said

"The situation is very bad, the situation is getting worse, and the risks are that it could get very bad," Feldstein said in a speech at the Futures Industry Association meeting in Boca Raton, Florida.

Thanks George, you evil bastard, thanks a lot.

Heck, What's One More Criminal Act

Apparently, Bu$hCo is still working on his legacy of being the worst president ever, as well as the most criminal. Come on Democrats, impeach.

According to your President, this is good for your "personal comfort and well-being."

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Willie Wood

I remember Willie Wood's interception & run back in the first Super Bowl. Here's sort of a bittersweet piece about his present situation. It's good he's being taken care of, but it's too bad he has so many problems at a relatively young age. Too many hits in his chosen profession, I suppose.

Noted In Passing

Nothing to see here, move along, move along. No problems. Sound infrastructure. People before beasts. Profits before people. Hail dear leader.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No Shit Dick Tracy

Yep, the Pentagon confirms what us dirty fucking hippies knew all along. It didn't, nor does it, take a mental giant to figure this stuff out. Too many dead for Bu$hco's vanity war.


...good for her. I will say that when I'm 69 I hope I will not be driving & toking. That part was way stupid. But at least she's got a life.

That would be Dawn in the middle.

Denounce Him McCain, Denounce Him

Or reject this loser moron, already. With spiritual advisers like Parsley & the truly evil John Hagee, McCain's spirit is headed way south. Of course, that's where McLiar wants to be, way south where the Strange Fruit grows. That's where you will ultimately find McLiar, since the ReThugs only have a southern strategy, a strategy of fear, hate, & lies. Go forward McCain/Liar & get all spiritual with Hagee & Parsley, & the three of you may be as violent as the Three Stooges, but not nearly as funny.

Lucky, I Guess

The reporter was just lucky she was black. A woman I used to respect apparently has it right? No, that was a joke, but like Ferraro. Who has the high road now? It's hurtful to be an American citizen in the 21st century when crap like this happens.

Friends Everywhere

It's amazing where a person can find friends, here's a blog concerned with wildlife news. Read the comments for this entry about Bu$hCo denying protected status for wolverines in the U.S. If we have made wolverines extinct in the lower 48, not to worry, there are a bunch of them in Canada. Christ. Here's one comment for you. I hope I don't have to explain the 9 month reference, hint: it has nothing to do with tattoos.
I haven’t read the Rule in the Federal Register yet, but I would guess that the Solicitor’s new interpretation of “range” (as only applying to the areas where a species currently resides) has reared its ugly head.

I’m not sure if I can take 9 more months of this.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Wow, that's what I call a fine. Actually, both fines are huge, compared to the relative slap on the wrists Wisco fines these kind of criminals.
A California man has been fined $18,200 for two wildlife offences after pleading guilty in Saskatoon provincial court today.
Last week, a Tillsonburg, Ont., man was slapped with a record $175,000 fine for illegal hunting in northern Saskatchewan. Jeffrey R. Wolfe was convicted in Meadow Lake provincial court of outfitting without a licence and hunting out of season.

& the Canadian dollar is trading at $0.9953, so that is some serious money. My emphasis.

Just Sad

America sinks lower. Thanks ReThugs. Now go waterboard yourselves.

Obama Wins Mississippi

I just had this comment banned by Atrios. Can someone explain why?

This is absolutely NOT a silly law. Not everyone owns a car, but I'll bet most everyone rides in a car & that child needs to be protected. In most states, the hospitals have a stash of car seats they will provide free of charge if the parents can't afford one. In my community, the fire department does this service. Your knee-jerk anti-car stuff is getting on my nerves. I live in the woods where every trip is going to be 50 miles. I don't go out much these days. I do appreciate your support of mass transit & city living for that matter. But don't let that get in the way of laws to protect babies for pete's sake.

UPDATE: The following comment was accepted by Atrios:
I agree with you.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Not Good

I still haven't gotten over the $4.20/gallon that I paid to fill up my diesel truck last Friday. & it's not over yet. I'm not sure where this is leading, but it can't be anywhere good. It would be a lot better had this country not stuck it's collective head in the sand, & now oil sand. Mrs. coldH2O drives a Ford hybrid & likes it alot. The Kid also drives the same vehicle. The country, hasn't, thanks to Bu$hCo & Dick "Dick" Cheney, just wonderful oilmen, done a damn thing in terms of alternative fuels &/or energy. & the Democrats, for a variety of lousy reasons, have aided & abetted this disgrace. It wasn't until last year that the CAFE standards where raised. & this increase is only to 35 mpg by 2020 for crying out loud. My grandbabies will be driving by then. This is not a way to lead. & all of Bu$hCo's talk about weaning us from oil, or not, is just that, talk. It makes a person wonder, one more time, if the ReThugs really have the country's best interests in mind when they talk & legislate? The Democratic Party has a far better record in this regard, & yet, still needs all of our support to keep their spines stiff & true. With things looking so well for us this fall, maybe my grandbabies will be driving oil-free vehicles in 2020.

Just What We Didn't Need

Here. On the other hand, if this country didn't have such a goofy & mean attitude towards sex/sexuality, this probably wouldn't be much of a problem. The only good news is that the right has had way more problems than us.

5 More Sad Knocks On A Door

Here are five more more notches for Bu$hCo's legacy & Dick "Dick" Cheney's shoot - them -in - the -face & then - make - them - apologize shotgun.
Monday's deaths brought the number to 3,979 members of the U.S.
military who have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003....

What a waste.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Good For The Spain

Good for the Socialists. While we, unfortunately, have no Socialists running for the Presidency, I'm glad Spain stayed on track. They will, I believe, offer us much to learn from, to emulate.

Laugh, Don't Cry

Just too funny. The first video discusses teevee Christians, the second, bigoted racial profiling. Via Crooks & Liars.

EPA Taking Something Seriously?

Yeah, sure. They sure do take stuff seriously, but only if it fits into the demented world of Bu$hCo.
"We recognize it is a growing concern and we're taking it very seriously," said Benjamin H. Grumbles, assistant administrator for water at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Douglas J. Feith Is An Asshole

& a bloody one at that. As usual with the Bu$hCo crowd, it's always somebody else to blame. Remember, it's the no-accountability administration. I wonder how Georgetown University justifies paying his salary?

Something To Think About

I know that Americans have a lousy record in terms of percentage of voters wbo actually vote, & I know about the supposed John Wayne attitude about smoking yourself to death as an inalienable right, but making people vote would have a positive effect. I also know that most ReThugs will shudder at this thought, since most of the people who don't vote would not vote against their own interests, hence they wouldn't vote for any ReThug, ever. Go read. Via RLK.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

I'll Be Damned

A Democrat, Bill Foster, beat a ReThug in Dennis Hastert's district. That would be the Hastert who was the Speaker of the House, a protege of the indicted Tom DeLay. Now, if the one of the two candidates left in the Democratic nomination process will quit being an asshole to the other candidate, we will have a long term lock on both the Congress & the Presidency. Remember, Mr. Foster won in Hastert's old seat, a conservative district, a district of farmers who always vote against their own interests. Or maybe it was the typical ReThug earmark for myself policy that got the GOP in trouble.

"There are no pockets in a shroud."

I'm Sure Bu$hCo Will Want To Torture This Invader

...even though the wolverine was native to this area. Let's hope this animal can survive the remaining year of Bu$hco's reign of terror.

On a related note, how in the world did the University of Michigan teams get to be called wolverines? I suppose they thought they'd be tougher than the Wisconsin Badgers, not likely. The badger survived in the upper midwest, sadly, the wolverine did not. Maybe they never did roam the shores of lakes Michigan or Huron. I wouldn't be surprised if they did live in the U.P., which was the home of the grayling, a gorgeous fish. Too bad they aren't the Michigan Graylings. I think the Finns in the U.P. would be OK with that, but the manly men of Michiana probably would have a hard time with the name, while they sip their wine & eat caramelized peaches.

Back to Daylight Saving Time

Turn your clocks, watches, sundials, & hourglasses ahead one hour tonight.


Looks like Obama is going to win big again.
With 57 percent of precincts reporting, Barack Obama leads Hillary Clinton 58 to 41 percent.

It's been called for Obama.
59% Obama to 40% Clinton.


On this post. Here's the link to Bill Clinton saying how much Hillary & John "respect" each other.

Wisco Superdelegates

Via Uppity Wisconsin, a progressive Wisco blog that I have a real hard time navigating around, it's probably me, since I'm not the sharpest hook in the flybox, we are led to this list of Wisco's superdelegates. I think it's important that constituents of Tammy Baldwin get their fingers warmed up & send off some sort of plea to change her support. Maybe somebody can change Tim Sullivan's dating pattern for the good of the country. & of course, our Senator who apparently wants to be the Lieberman of La Follete's state, hasn't made up his mind yet. Surprise, surprise. Jeez Louise, what's the point of Kohl's political career anyway? Somebody, anybody, please fill me in. (I know, I know, a preposition should not end a sentence, well, just waterboard me.) The rest of the undeclared Wisco superdelgates, Lena Taylor, a State Senator from Milwaukee, Melissa Schroeder, chair of the Lincoln Co. Democratic Party, that's Merrill, Wisco, Paula Zellner, connected with the Feingold campaign, & Awais Khaleel, from the College Democrats are also undecided. They could probably use some more imput. Those from the campaign not known as Sen. Clinton's, ought to get in touch with these fine folks & urge them to, frankly, make the correct decision. As I have stated many times in the past, I was & am a John Edwards, supporter & am really ambivalent about Sen. Clinton. It is not in the best interest of the country or the Democratic Party, to continue to act like the ReThugs, in that succession appears to be a family ties deal, rather than the uncontaminated counting of votes. Not to mention that recently Sen. Clinton has continually said McCain, the ReThug, would be better a better President than Sen.Obama. What is she suggesting - a Clinton/McCain Unity ticket? So, loyal four readers, do your civic duty, if for no other reason the young folks I work with who have such a tough time in life that they don't know about The Declaration of Indepedence or, more importantly for some, & you know who you are, Warren Edward Spahn, who not only threw left, he batted left as well.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Read This Sen. Clinton

John Aravosis is absolutely correct about Sen. Obama's speech, the speech that Sen. Clinton puts down & makes fun of constantly. Had she read the speech before voting to give Bu$hCo the green light for his vanity war, there would be a lot less dead people in the world right now. No matter how hard they spin, they can't make that pro-war vote go away. From Sen. Obama's speech, the speech Sen. Clinton says will hurt America so much, that she'd rather have John McCain as president, if she can't be president:
What I am opposed to is a dumb war. What I am opposed to is a rash war. What I am opposed to is the cynical attempt by Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz and other armchair, weekend warriors in this administration to shove their own ideological agendas down our throats, irrespective of the costs in lives lost and in hardships borne.

McCain = McLiar

Getting testy isn't the half of it. Go read about McLiar & his temper. Then ask yourself why the press thinks McCain is a maverick or even a straight talker? It's pretty sad when you think about all the press heavyweights getting boners for McCain. I didn't really say that, did I? It must have been my evil twin. Yeah, that's the story & I'm sticking to it. Ewww, I said sticking. Via TPM.

Enough Already

Any of my loyal four readers tired of the attacks by Sen. Clinton on Sen. Obama? Thought so. Whether or not Sen. Clinton gets the nomination, her personal & mean attacks of Sen. Obama must cease. The good of the Democratic Party & the nation demand she stop putting McCain above Obama in anything.

Click here to let Sen. Clinton know how you feel.



So I'll catblog like the other cool guys. I'm working on a follow-up to my post on Gableman & the Wisco Supreme Court election this year. I was gone the last 24 hours. I went down to The Cities for another appointment with my tattoo artist &, of course, spent time with the grandbabies. Go here for the almost too much cuteness of The Twins. Here's the cat, Tab Benoit.

Zen Dream

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Repeat The Pic

We had to suffer the bullshit of the right's attack on President Clinton in the '90s. I, for one, was happy we had a President who actually had an active sex life. All the money spent to impeach him, what a fucking waste of time. However, when Bill says stuff like this is really pisses me off.
And then he painted this scene: “She and John McCain are very close,” he said. “They always laugh that if they wound up being the nominees of their party, it would be the most civilized election in American history and they’re afraid they’d put the voters to sleep because they like and respect each other.”

Dear god, are we to suffer another Presidency of, well, you know what I mean?

Canoodling much? Good grief, just shoot me now.

This Is What Happens...

...when Brett Farve retires. Looks like John Hagee's god had some competition. No link to that evil bastard. But he believes McCain will be a just great president.
Fire displaces 100 in downtown Green Bay

Zero Tolerance

Now if a student did something like this, she would most likely be expelled. This is exactly why zero tolerance is stoooopid. & how many kids, say K-12, will know about this & understand how the district's 5 day PAID suspension means nothing. They guy will probably go out bobbing for lake trout on Lake Superior. He should have been fired.


John is correct, of course, but that won't faze the the DLCers, will it? It's all about losing with that crowd. Look at the potential here:

Wisconsin Supreme Court

I haven't paid enough attention to the race in Wisco for a Supreme Court seat to be decided this fall. One of my loyal four readers, nonheroicvet, pointed me here. There are some pretty fishy things here. Back in March of 2002, there was a letter sent out concerning a breakfast with the then Gov. of WI, McCallum, a right wing ideologue who inherited the position when Tommy! went to be one of Bu$hCo's enablers. This letter indicates that a couple of folks connected to the Bad River Tribe of Chippewa Indians, the Chair Mr. Bigboy & a lawyer for the tribe, Kevin Osterbauer were there. Also on the list were slum landlord Hank Martinson & his son Hank Jr., although rumor has it that he really isn't a Jr., another Martinson who may have distributed a racist joke via email, along with Gabelman, who was the DA of Ashland County at the time. This letter was sent out on official Ashland County stationary. There were a couple of other ReThugs present, including Shutterwi's pretty boy Sean Duffy, the present ReThug DA of Ashland County. Talk about a line-up & one can only hope that some day they all will be in a line-up. The gist of all this is that it appears Gableman got himself appointed a judge over in Burnett Co., without really being much of a judge, he was more like a real good ReThug. The goods. I've made the links workable in this passage.
Former Republican Governor Scott McCallum admitted Thursday he manipulated the judicial appointment process established by his own executive orders in order to appoint Republican Party official Mike Gableman, a McCallum donor and fundraiser, to the Burnett County Circuit Court.

“[A]s governor, the final decision to appoint a judge was mine alone…,” McCallum said through a Gableman campaign press release. The media has reported McCallum has refused press calls since an investigation by One Wisconsin Now released Wednesday showed Gableman was appointed judge after McCallum ignored established protocol for a candidate who neither applied in time, nor was a finalist recommended by McCallum’s own judicial advisory council.

The executive orders McCallum ignored, requiring a Judicial Advisory Panel screen potential judicial nominees and forward finalists for consideration to the Governor to ensure among other issues the “appointment of competent, public-minded lawyers of the highest integrity,” can be accessed here, page 2, page 3.

“Governor McCallum confirmed what we already knew, that Mike Gableman got his job as a judge because that’s what McCallum wanted for his donor and fundraiser,” said Scot Ross, Executive Director of One Wisconsin Now. “Why are there no state documents showing that Gableman ever formally applied for the job, that he was ever interviewed for the job, or that he ever answered the extensive questions designed to indicate his qualifications and competence to have the job?”

In his response, Gableman says his work on a couple of commissions provided McCallum with enough of an understanding of his (Gableman's) work to allow the appointment without going through the process. OneWisconsinNow found that on one of the commissions, Gableman missed 5 of 7 meetings. I guess he was Albert Einstein & Steven Hawking during those two meetings. This is how the ReThugs rule, by corruption. Give me money & I'll give you a judgeship. Jeez Louise, at least back when postmasters were "politically" appointed, they actually had to do the job. More or less.

So, while I'm not changing my vote, here's my recommendation: Vote Butler for crying out loud. We really don't need any more ReThug corruption. Plus, given this post, & 40 years of electing tough on crime types, how come we keep having crime? Apparently, they want to lock just about everyone up, except, of course, drunken drivers working for a ReThug State Attorney General.

Too Bad

I didn't expect Sen. Clinton to win both OH & TX last night. So, of course, I'm not feeling so well this a.m. What we saw foreshadows what's going to happen this fall if Clinton gets the nomination. She will be on the nasty end of dirty politics, such as Obama was the last two weeks. Her campaign is, frankly, beneath contempt. This is why we may lose in the fall. All those who view feminism as something you do after your ReThug-lite husband has been President for two terms, well, you can have it. Everyday people work everyday with other men & women without feeling put upon. Without feeling they need to prove their feminist bona fides every other hour. Without jealously, hatred, or any lack of compassion. I'll tell you what, I'm glad Sen. Clinton is a senator, a former first lady, a mother, a wife, an intellectual, a tough broad, a weepy eyed candidate, a knife in the back candidate, but I'm tired of the Bu$hCos & the Clintons. Leave me alone.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's Amur Tiger Time

It's been quite a while since I posted on my favorite animal. Here's a very short video of this gorgeous cat.

OK, here's another one, now don't get bored with this. Sir David Attenborough just retired. I just love his voice. This is a great video. I hope I do not live to see the Amur Tiger's extinction.

I Agree

& this is what is so irritating about Sen. Clinton's supporters. Being against the war meant something then & it means something now. Oh, & listen to the YouTube he posted up, it's well worth your time, even if you've heard it before. Fucking DLCers.

We Got Influence

But not here. Given Iraq, why should anyone listen to us. & objecting to "cease fire," Jesus Christ on Wonderul White Bread, Hamas was elected, democratically. Whether Hamas is good for the world or not, is irrelevant, at least until the next fair election. The problem with Bu$hCo & Rice is that they are all for democracy, until the wrong people are elected. Morons.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday refused pleas from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to return to peace talks with Israel, frustrating Bush administration officials....

Reason #5094489

On why capitalism destroys regular people. & in this world of St. Ronnie of Alzheimer's it is only the corporation that matters. Bah.
At least someone knows how to fill a piggy bank.

Unlike most American consumers, whose failure to save has exasperated economists for years, the typical American corporation has increased its savings so sharply that it probably has enough cash on hand to completely pay off its debts.

Notice how the author of this piece, Dianna B. Henriques, uses economists to blame working people for their inability to save, as if they could save anyway. You know us, just a bunch of wild consumers who aren't thinking about the future. Yeah right, everybody in a family works, sometimes more than one job, just to keep from losing it completely. It just pisses me off. Maybe if education were truly free, if health care was truly free, if people weren't worried about being spied on by their own government, if people could confidently drive over bridges, if, if, if,..., you're smart enough to get the drift. Oh, & Henriques sounds pretty French to me.

UPDATE: Why couldn't these corporations put their piggy banks to good use by actually providing for the workers that generated those profits. Here are a few stats. third of lower middle class workers lack health insurance, while 44 percent of the working poor won’t have the minimum income needed to retire at age 67.
The subjective worries detected in the survey are not just free-floating anxiety; they reflect real problems of a fraying social contract.

Favre Again

Here are more pics.
Brett Favre


The end. I'm watching Mike and Mike In The Morning, & they just reported that Brett Favre is retiring. The timing is interesting since the cheating Patriot just resigned Randy Moss, a player Farve wanted the Packers to sign. This is too bad, if true. He probably still had a few games in him, given this last season.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Didn't win the lottery. Staying in Wisco for the foreseeable future. Damn. Oh, someone told me I needed to buy a ticket. OK, that will be next Wednesday.


J.B. Van Hollen just loves him a drunk driver. The agent must be a ReThug like Van Hollen.

What Did Bu$hCo, The Moron President, Expect?

Put another way, what did The Washington Post expect, for Christ's sake? America's irrelevance in building a more peaceful world began the day Bu$hCo stole the presidency in a coup.
When Palestinians broke through the barrier dividing the Gaza Strip and Egypt in January and streamed across the border by the tens of thousands, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak faced a moment of crisis. His phone soon rang, but the world leader offering help on the other end was not President Bush -- it was Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Mubarak took the call, resulting in the first such contact between leaders of the two nations since relations were severed nearly three decades ago.

The signs of American irrelevance are apparent throughout the region. Even Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, hailed as a potential peacemaker by the Bush administration, mused last week to the Jordanian newspaper al-Dustour that in the future it might be necessary to return to armed struggle against Israel. And Syria, which received an unexpected invitation to Annapolis, believes that the peace summit was "an exercise in public relations" and that Bush has no interest in peace, as Syria's ambassador to Washington, Imad Moustapha put it last week.

Feeling safer yet? My emphasis.