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Gableman Must Be Removed

This man, I use the term loosely, is continuing to embarrass this (once?) great state.  He has to go.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sean Duffy Dead?

I just never, never, never get tired of reporting news like this.

According to a press release, Bath detectives obtained a statement from Watrous on the subject of the death of 35-year-old Sean Duffy, who was found dead of an apparent drug overdose on Saturday in a room at the Bath Hampton Inn. Watrous is believed to be one of the last people who saw Duffy alive.

Etta James, R.I.P.

She's dead.

I saw her down at Jazz Fest several years ago.  Her set was shortened due to a pretty terrific thunderstorm.  It was wonderful, nonetheless.  I also got a series of pictures of Ms. James at the same venue.  It was a high point of my life.  She had that something, all right.  & we were very lucky to see her in New Orleans.

More here. 

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Sunday, January 01, 2012

The DEA & Medicine

Here's what happens when the DEA makes health care decisions.  It's also why this country is slowly going to shit. 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Maybe This Is Why My Doc Isn't On My Overweight Case

I don't like sentences like these:
This translates into a sobering reality: once we become fat, most of us, despite our best efforts, will probably stay fat.

The Left Wins Again

Good comeback win for the people in Jamaica.

Not A Huge Revelation

Hopefully, it will be a huge blow to fast food franchises.  I know, I know, I must add the health warning about not holding your breath loyal 5 (yes, five!) readers. Remember, if you don't breath, you die.
Elderly people with high blood levels of vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids had less brain shrinkage and better mental performance, a Neurology study found.
Trans fats found in fast foods were linked to lower scores in tests and more shrinkage typical of Alzheimer's.
That's a live link in the quote.

Science Matters

Here's another reason why.
Researchers found that wild chimps that spotted a poisonous snake were more likely to make their "alert call" in the presence of a chimp that had not seen the threat. 

This indicates that the animals "understand the mindset" of others.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

As You Know

I just can't get enough of headlines like this:

Sean Duffy is not alone, Jail all ignorant pigs that abuse memorial pages

Monday, December 26, 2011

Day After Xmas

No boat, loyal five (yes, 5) readers.  However, I can now make my own bubble water, sweet. My failed wild plum jelly will now become a refreshing carbonated soda.  Also, no four-wheeler.  1out of 3, in baseball I could get signed to a multiyear, multimillion dollar contract if I had that average.