Thursday, September 29, 2005

Food Shelf

So, this morning I get my cup of coffee, slip on slippers & a coat & let the dogs out for their morning thing. Coolest morning yet, but the damn horses got out of their paddock. Well, three of the four. Got the two mares in easily, but the other gelding was his usual pissant self. He finally allowed me to halter him, boy, there was plenty of soft talking & praise. I felt I was in some sort of low-key revival meeting. But on to the serious stuff. Mrs. coldH2O was at a meeting last night where the bare shelves of the Ashland, Wisconsin, food shelf were discussed. The state officials said the reason for the lack of food was that they were not getting their normal shipments of commodities. Asked why, they replied that the commodities were being shipped to Iraq. Just effing great, not only has Bu$hCo drained the money out of programs for the good of people, now he is sending off commodity foods that are clearly needed here. What a complete damn tool. I'll bet he isn't missing any food from his shelf, apparently he's not missing any cocktails either.

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