Wednesday, September 14, 2005

More Grantsburg COPS

Quick & Appleton version:

Sept. 9, Ted P. Sterling, Danbury, reported right field fencing missing at the Danbury Baseball Field. The incident is under investigation.

(Who cares? They always put the loser in right field anyway. Yes, it's true, that's the position I played.)

Cynthia A. Hageman, Webster, is under investigation for possible theft at the Siren Veterinary Clinic. The incident took place in July, and she since then has been terminated. When confronted by the store manager, she said the money was used for large animal clippings and that she would pay it back. The money, $170, has been paid back (call Julie Turner or Ron Wilhelm for questions).

(I have a question for Julie or Ron - how come those large animal clippings are so expensive? Actually I have another question - did Julie or Ron want their names mentioned in the "Police Blotter"?

Patricia J. Swenson, Frederic, backed into a 1992 Pontiac Grand Am, owned by Jennifer VanWagner of North Branch, MN, at the Grantsburg Family Foods parking lot. The front left side of the car sustained the most damage.

(No offense, but Patricia J. Swenson must have one hell of a rear end.)

Sept. 7, BP Amoco reported a gas drive off. The car had no front license plate and drove away with about $76 worth of gas.

(Well, that sure helps. What's in the water in Grantsburg?)


Anonymous said...

A lot of blogging going on for someone who's at a conference WORKING!.... And won't fish with his sidekick.

Better not be a exotic bird feathers in your truck when you get back from "your conference"!!

Anonymous said...

what kind of car needs $76 worth of gas? i know gas prices are high (for the USA) but what size tank did they have?