Friday, September 16, 2005

Homeward Bound

The conference ends this a.m. Had a good meeting concerning commissioner's responsibilities yesterday. Actually am bringing home some good info for my commissioners. Given some of the questions beings asked by other commissioners from other parts of the state, I feel very confident in our Executive Director & the rest of the workers at our authority. They keep us well informed about the programs we are involved in, as well as programs that we potentially we become involved in. Unlike Bu$hCo, being a non-profit that exists to provide low & moderate income housing to people is hard work. Our authority, while being small, has done an exceptional job in fulfilling that goal. I'm about to leave, but must remind the SideKick of the wonderful t-bone I had the other night, with an luscious coconut shrimp appetizer. It's seems unfair to mention, but that won't stop me, of dining on the lobster, crab legs, & shrimp last night. Not to forget the late night, spooky dancing.

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Anonymous said...

At least there was no Pheasant under glass!!! My dinner was exquisite as well and my dinner companions were certianly more welcome than "housing commissioners". Mrs coldH20 and Mrs Sidekick. ......although the spooky dancing gives me pause.