Sunday, September 25, 2005

Intelligent Design This! Morons.

Analysis of Chimp Genome Affirms Science of Evolution

"If Darwin was right, for example, then scientists should be able to perform a neat trick. Using a mathematical formula that emerges from evolutionary theory, they should be able to predict the number of harmful mutations in chimpanzee DNA by knowing the number of mutations in a different species' DNA and the two animals' population sizes.

'That's a very specific prediction,' said Eric Lander, a geneticist at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard in Cambridge, Mass., and a leader in the chimp project.

Sure enough, when Lander and his colleagues tallied the harmful mutations in the chimp genome, the number fit perfectly into the range that evolutionary theory had predicted."


"Evolution's repeated power to predict the unexpected goes a long way toward explaining why so many scientists and others are practically apoplectic over the recent decision by a Pennsylvania school board to treat evolution as an unproven hypothesis, on par with "alternative" explanations such as Intelligent Design (ID), the proposition that life as we know it could not have arisen without the helping hand of some mysterious intelligent force."

It's really unfortunate & destructive of American education, that people are fooled by the I.D. junk science proponents that get elected. The fools that elect these people need to be taken to task & shown just how backward they are. Of course, this lawsuit, filed by parents with a brain, is from Pennsylvania, home of the dope Santorum, that would be man-on-dog Santorum. This whole I.D. thing makes me sick.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone who has spent a minimal amount of time examining the human condition must clearly see that the term "intelligent design" is an oxy-moron. Hell, most animals have more sense than humans. If we humans are "made" in the image of God then I think HE needs to spend a little more time studing His craft. Hell, my back no longer works, my eyes don't work, My hair is falling out and I have a prostate gland the size of a bowling ball! This is an intelligent design???!!!