Friday, September 16, 2005

Old Enough

How come the Bu$hCo nephew is drunk in Austin instead of helping in Iraq or Louisiana? Useless bastards.


Craig Lowery said...

What about you? Hypocrite. What is it about being related to a public servant that obligates you to contribute to charity? Or what is it about being black and behaving like a barnyard animal that ENTITLES you to charity? Perhaps some people by their habits and manner of living are DISQUALIFIED. If they DEMAND it and then riot if their demands are not immediately met, I say they are disqualified as possible recipients of voluntary charitable giving. And by the way, taxation is not charitable giving. It is extortion under duress.

coldH2O said...

Troll & racist. Oh, & stupid.

Craig Lowery said...

Your reply confirms what I already surmised about you. You lack the mental horsepower to engage in a rational intelligent discussion. The epithets you directed at me fit you to a "T". You're a typical liberal. I pity you.