Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Very Interesting #2

Justice for all, that's my story & I'm sticking to it. Let's hope a later headline is: Yay, Delay - Indicted.

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Anonymous said...

The reason that we have crooks like DeLay and Frist, cowards like Bush and Cheney, counterfiets like Santorum and much of the Republican apparatus is that WE DIDN'T WIN THE ELECTION.

The Republicans are trying to hand us the next election and we (Democrats) seem
equally determined to not get involved.

The recent Iraq war protest comes to mind. Cindy Sheehan should be sitting on top of heap with G Bush trying to hide from her. Instead the protest wound up being a recitation of every grievance known to man (and woman).

One clown (clownette?) even smugly boasted how Senate Minority Leader was brought to heel during the Roberts comfirmation.

The name of the game is to WIN. There are many people who are so certain of the correctness of their position that they cannot
compromise or make the effort to see another side of an issue.

These antics are good for fundraisers and to keep the membership voting us into our perk rich offices but they don't WIN elections.

It may be time to seriously think about settling for a part of our program in a win rather than none of it in another loss.

Unless we get off our butts we will have DeLays, Santorums, Bushes et al to "entertain" our grandchildren.