Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Went to Duluth today, a mini-road trip. Went to pick up some windows & cabinets for a friend at a building materials recycling place. They had a lot of cool stuff at reasonable prices. My friend, L., read to me on the way up, from a book on lucid dreaming & from a book on the 50,000 word novel in November. We decided we would write the novels this year.

While loading my friend's purchases in my truck, I was bending over a couple of her "private detective noir" doors & managed to either break a rib or do some other painful damage to the right ribcage. Tylenol & a vike have hardly dented the pain. I hope it isn't serious, since our 12 cords of firewood arrived today. Plus, the first frost warning was posted online today, so Mrs. coldH2O is in her yearly frenzy about bringing the plants outside inside. I have decided tonight that I hate houseplants, especially large cacti. What good are they?

My Duluth purchases amounted to four earrings for myself, 3 CDs - Tab Benoit, Shemekia Copeland, & Delbert McClinton. I was happy & I got them at a small store, no Best Buy. Although, I will admit to a Best Buy purchase today, a DVD recorder. I wanted to record the second night of "No Direction Home", but the wind is so effing hard tonight, that the leaves on the sainted maple tree in the yard are sporadically blocking the satellite signal from the local station. Every other station on the dish is fine. Oh well, the DVD is already out, so I'll just go get one of those. We just should have kept the national network feeds. The national PBS feed always delayed these programs, in deference to the local stations I guess, but then we didn't get this extremely irritating blipping in & out. I hate bitching about stuff like this, I mean, things are a lot worse in just about every other part of the world, but damn, I want to see Bob Dylan.

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