Thursday, February 16, 2006


This is the fourth day of my joining the local health club. I feel crappy. Rowing machine, stationary bicycle, elliptical strider, & then, the dreaded weight machines. I will tell you that my shoulders, biceps, & sternum are really sore. The good news is that I had a blood screening yesterday & my cholesterol is finally below 100. 92 to be exact. My good cholesterol, however, fell to 26, not good. It needs to be 50. Exercise, exercise, my friend the doctor chanted. Today, I'm going in after lunch. It is getting later & later each day. What's with that? Next, I'll be needing massage in order to be able to crawl onto these machines. That doesn't sound so bad. Onward.


Anonymous said...

Remember - failure means facing those cruel cardiac rehab nurses.

Anonymous said...

or facing your daughter!!

Anonymous said...

Try facing him everyday on the way to the gym. Now that's a job. AND no Black Cat afterwards a serious job.