Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Civil War?

This attack could bring on a civil war. Not to be too much of a nitpicker, but, where in the hell was/is the after victory planning? I mean, for Christ's sake, even I have a plan for spending my lottery winnings. Why do people continue to insist that Bu$hCo knows what he's doing? Feeling safer yet?

"Insurgents dressed as police commandos detonated powerful explosives this morning inside one of Shiite Islam's most sacred shrines, destroying most of the building, located in the volatile town of Samarra, and prompting thousands of Shiites to flood into streets across the country in protest.

The golden-domed shrine housed the tombs of two revered leaders of Shiite Islam and symbolized the place where the Imam Mahdi, a mythical, messianic figure, disappeared from this earth. Believers in the imam say he will return when the apocalypse is near, to cleanse the world of its evils."

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