Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"Let Those Who Ride Decide"

I've written a couple of posts about the idiotic embarassment that is South Dakota. I suppose I'll need to boycott the state if this stupid infringement of freedom is passed. No more pheasants, no more Mt. Rushmore, no more Crazy Horse, & sadly, now that I actually have a ride, no more Sturgis. Several years ago, while returning from a trip to Mexico to visit Mrs. coldH2O's uncle, & to celebrate the kid's high school graduation, we took the return trip through Sturgis, blissfully unaware that it was THE time to be in S.D. It was, well, fucking amazing. Bikers & bikes up the wazoo. & while I didn't have the disease back then, I believe I may have been infected during those couple of days. Up until that time, my whole idea of Sturgis was from a former Boy Scout leader, yes, yes, I know. He had been a biker in his youth & had gone to Sturgis for the racing & other competitions. What I remember so distinctly was that he told us that the guys with the coolest, cleanest, most chromed bikes were black people from Milwaukee & Chicago. Looking back, what a wonderful thing to have learned in Northern Wisco*, not to mention in the contemptible Boy Scouts. & during that trip with the family in the mid-1990s, the one billboard I remember said "Let Those Who Ride Decide" - yes, it was about abortion. Ironic, eh? & now in a state where they let a murderer serve a 100 days, we now get these idiots denying over half the population the right to their own bodies. Now this will be challenged & thanks to NARAL & Planned Parenthood, who both stood by extremely passively during the Alito mess, Roe will problably be history. All these morons in S.D. ought to be made to have a colonoscopy with a coathanger.

*It may be that a friend ENK, from the, temporarily, we hope, state of California, has trademarked this abbreviation of our home state of Wisconsin.

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