Friday, February 17, 2006

& I'm Not Even Religious

This was the last church I ever plan on visiting. Mrs. coldH2O, the kid & son-in-law attended the Ray Charles' memorial jazz funeral. We followed it through Treme, but had to stop at Marie Levou's cemetery, since it was very hot & hunid. & Allan Toussaint said at the service that if he had such a cool cat for a priest, he might come back. I'm glad I got some pics of the inside of this church & it's too bad it's closing. Big hat tip to RLK. Thanks alot, man, this made my morning, in a negative sort of way, but that's OK, since negativity gets a bad rap.

"A vegan, a pianist, a vegetable gardener and a former Xavier University theology professor, LeDoux strove to reflect the city's culture and history in church services. He declined to comment on the closure.

LeDoux made jazz part of St. Augustine's Masses. He blesses jazz bands and presides over jazz funerals. The church holds an annual Louis Armstrong jazz Mass at the end of the first week of August, commemorating the birthday of the pioneering jazz trumpeter.

The church held the city's memorial service for rhythm and blues legend Ray Charles, and held a jazz funeral for Allison 'Tootie' Montana, chief of the Yellow Pocahontas band of Mardi Gras 'Indians."

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