Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mrs. Howell, Mr. Brady & Me

I emailed the Washington Post concerning Mrs. Howell's, the ombudsman, lie concerning Jack Abramoff. She stated that he had given money to both the ReThugs & Democrats. She never corrected her column & Jim Brady, who runs(?) the website shut down the news blog when people, like me, overwhelmed the comments section by demanding that the Post correct the record. As I pointed out earlier, they never have. He claimed he shut the blog down because of extremely foul language, language that was directed at the sensitive Mrs. Howell. Atios posted an interview with the very same Mrs. Howell that contained several swear words of varying degrees of intensity. I emailed Mr. Brady twice, with the interview attached, & the words highlighted, since I was sure he is a busy man. I asked if the highlighted words were the ones that would keep a comment from being printed. He did not respond. I emailed him a third time & he did respond. Here is his response:
Feb 17 (2 days ago)


Thanks for your note. I don't want us to provide a list of profane words that can't be used; I just assume people will have a pretty good sense of what falls into that category. As for Deborah using profanity at some point, I guess I'm not sure what relevance that has in this debate. Deborah doesn't run the web site, I do. And I don't want to allow that type of language on the site. Heck, I curse in my personal life all the time -- how can I not, I'm a Jets fan -- but that's different than rules for a public forum.

Jim Brady

Well, I'm a Packer fan, but I'm not sure how that is relevant either, except for the fact that we've won 3 out of4 Super Bowls. I have to admit, it's a pretty lame excuse. Anyway, read the interview & tell me how in the world the sensitive Mrs. Howell, yes, I do see Lovey in my head when I type that name, can even be remotely offended by anything anyone could say. She pretty much covers it all. The problem is that the Washington Post is carrying water for the Bu$hCo administration. See Mrs. Howell's column in today's WaPo, as an example. What's so weird about this is that she's supposed to be the Post's ombudsman, responsive to the readers, not to the Bu$hCo coup. What the hell is the deal with the Post? Someone tell me. Mr. Brady did not.

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