Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Promises, Promises

Digby is so right about this. It's really hard to understand what's going through the heads of Emmanuel & Shumer. No one believes the great conciliator crap anymore. Just come into any small town & hear the politics. The ReThugs have created this mess, & now they want to whine about it. Sleep in the bed you've made, morons. & it's time for the Democrats & other progressives to wake the hell up about partisonship. How's that ANWR vote working out for you Mary Landrieu, Mary Landrieu?

"The grassroots of the Democratic Party see something that all the establishment politicians have not yet realized: bipartisanship is dead for the moment and there is no margin in making deals. The rules have changed. When you capitulate to the Republicans for promises of something down the road you are being a fool. When you make a deal with them for personal reasons, you are selling out your party. When you use Republican talking points to make your argument you are helping the other side. When you kiss the president on the lips at the state of the union you are telling the Democratic base that we are of no interest or concern to you. This hyper-partisanship is ugly and it's brutal, but it is the way it is. "

Emphasis added.

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