Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Second Place

Outsourcing ice dance? Jeez, who knew?


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed the Olympics for many years and since the introduction of the "twirling a long ribbon" event I have been on the alert for new Olympic events.

This year saw a new event where one member of the skating team attempts to toss the other onto the ice much in the manner of the discus or hammerthrow. Usually the male partner tosses the female (probably because she is lighter in weight). It isn't clear how points are scored in this event, but I learned that many of the teams are husband and wife.

Under these circumstances, it is easy to see that severe payback could be levied by the tossee on the tosser for an ill considered trajectory.

I hope this event is more thoroughly covered in future Olympics since it is very entertaining and requires cosiderable athletic skill.

coldH2O said...

Just one hell of an excellent comment. I'm still laughing, something I really needed today. I, too, will be on the lookout for future competitions of this sport.