Friday, February 24, 2006


Well, not the kind that make a great soup, but leaks by the White House. It's OK, of course, because whatever the President does is legal, but only if it's a ReThug President.

"Did the Bush administration “authorize” the leak of classified information to Bob Woodward? And did those leaks damage national security?"

Via susanhu who also has this to say at the Booman Tribune:

"One of my complaints about Sen. Rockfeller is that while his noblesse oblige is admirable, his style is too gentlemanly to deal with Bush's vicious rogue state. Would that Sen. Rockefeller would set aside the pen, and pound the table on every news show on every channel!

"And my overall complaint is that this is yet one more instance in which the White House thumbs its nose at the congressional branch. One under-discussed issue of the Port/Dubai brouhaha is that the White House is telling members of Congress, both Republican and Democrat, to butt out. It's a pattern we here are all too familiar with.

"Really, Sen. Rockefeller. Drop the pen and shout to the high heavens. Stand on the steps of the Senate and speak directly into the cameras to the American people. Tell them we are in peril from a presidency that is decimating our system of government."

Emphasis added.

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