Sunday, February 26, 2006

Please, Release Me, Let Me Go

You know, I don’t know quite what to say. I thought we were discussing term limits. Apparently, we weren’t. The SideKick has yet to answer any of the points I made concerning the fact that term limits will to nothing to alleviate the problems we are facing. He responds be asking me a series of questions that do not address the question of term limits. & I might add, dear SideKick, they are ‘Do you still beat your wife?” type questions. So I’ll answer them as follows:

1. No, yes.
2. I agree with you.
3. I agree with you.
4. I agree with you.
(How am I doing so far?)
5. Yes.
6. Another election cycle.
7. I’m not going to live forever.
8. Oh, I don’t know, a lot, I suppose?
9. The next election cycle. Maybe.
10. I don’t think this is a question, but I agree.
11. I agree with you.
12. I agree with you.
(So why do you stick with this idea?)
13. No question, but if you, yourself, don’t think it’s going to happen, why are you spending so much energy defending it?
14. I disagree. Bernie Sanders election to the Senate will be an incremental step of huge proportions. & whatever you think of the Brown/Hackett fiasco in Ohio, the incremental step of electing Brown will be great.
15. Are you suggesting an armed insurrection?
16. This isn’t even part of the discussion. They are limited to two terms. Although it is true that Cheney could theoretically run for office again, I doubt that he will, even without the gunning down of the old guy situtation.
17. I really don’t understand this question. Arguments against Bush/Cheney=term limits. What the hell is that supposed to mean?
18. I agree with you. Forget them, it’s a band aid approach that has no real meaning.
19. The “sun’s” the correct usage here, it’s a contraction - "sun is". I hope your camera has a glitch or something else that will limit your term outside, since I am in here watching NASCAR & working on this post.

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Shutterwi said...

The sun went in the camera worked fine.

NASCAR do they support democratic issue?