Sunday, February 26, 2006

Deep Do-Do

Even Atrios is a bit down-in-the-mouth today. Given the earlier discussion of term limits, term limits? I mean WTF? Term limits are so 1990s & we're reduced to arguing about them today. This is what Bu$hCo has wrought. I don't think, however, that it is as tough as iron, so we will, in the long run, prevail. That's the way we need to see it, the long run. Granted, this is not the country I envisioned as a youngster, as I've stated many times before, but we do have politicians like Sanders & Boxer,among others, who are worth supporting & working with. I do want the revolution as Ms. Susie says, I need to keep remembering what the prize is & it's something I used to take for granted - freedom. & boy, do I feel naive just thinking about that. Time for more legal condiments, if you know what I mean.

From Atrios:

"Reed Hundt talks about what should be done on Iraq. Such discussions are fine as think pieces but they ignore the basic reality: George Bush is president, Republicans in congress have abdicated their power and are merely presidential sycophants and no 'responsible Republicans' are going to come forward to save us, George Bush admits no mistakes and thus cannot change course, Donald Rumsfeld is still Secretary of Defense, the Democrats are still frightened of the war as a political issue.

So, we stay the course."
Emphasis added.

From Ms. Susie:

There is nothing in your life more important right now than fighting this regime. Our country and the values we hold dear are imploding. There are lives in the balance, and you can’t wait for someone else to do something. Either you join the Resistance, or you’re part of the Vichy regime.

Start small, but goddamnit, start! Turn your friends on to blogs, or write one yourself. Don’t back down when a wingnut makes a public assertion in line at the supermarket: challenge their immoral insanity. Write letters to the editor, call talk radio, sign petitions. Become an advocate and pay your dues in the fight against the forces of global destruction. There are many wonderful groups that offer political training, and it’s cheap. (My best friend is off at a Democracy for America training this very weekend.) Affiliate with likeminded citizens, because there’s more power in the network than there is in one lonely individual. Go to your local Drinking Liberally, or start one yourself. Join hands - and join forces.

We are the body politic. And this mess ain’t going to fix itself.
Emphasis added.

Oh, & BTW, it doesn't look like my man Jeff Gordon is going to win the NASCAR race. Things aren't well.

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