Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Day After April Fool's

So, it's early, the cats are already sleeping, the sun is shining, the sap dripping into the plastic bags, & I'm drinking Cafe du Monde coffee. It could always be worse. I'm still trying to figure out this blog. I'm trying to get a picture of myself here. I'll admit to not trying too hard. Well,
Schiavo is dead & the pope is dying. I'm glad about both. Peace for both of them. Although I think the pope will have way more to atone for than Shiavo. He set back the forward movement of human society. Like all religionists, he was/is afraid of modernism. & poor Ms. Schiavo - an obese teen, then a vivacious, attractive young woman, then a vegetable, & finally a tool for the cruel, lying bastards like DeLay, Frist, Bush, Terry, etc. I hope DeLay gets arrested for threatening judges, but I won't hold my breath. Had I said that, of course, the FBI would be knocking on my door right now & they wouldn't even let me put my clothes on. Land of the free, indeed. OK, I'm alone this weekend, so I will try once again to get this thing up.

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