Monday, April 18, 2005

Mini Road Trip Ends

We're back. I'm listening to the blues on Sirius radio & found out Martha Stewart just signed a contract with them. This is coupled with Sirius losing Air America, which is why I bought Sirius, instead of XM, which will now carry Air.

Last night the Dr. Michael White quartet did a great version of "The Basin St. Blues". Gregory Stafford, the trumpet player, did a sweet job on vocals. I was moved. Dr. White, a teacher, as well as a musician did a bit of education in between pieces. That was worth the modest ticket price. Kermit Ruffins did a bunch of standards. My favorites were "What a Wonderful World" & an outstanding version of "Little Liza Jane." His trombone player was a revelation as was the piano player, David Torkanowski, which I may be misspelling. The second show had a lot of seating left, so the Dakota allowed those of us there for the first show to stay. That was good of them. My only complaint about the whole evening was that the tonic water comes out of the same nozzle as the coke, etc., so the G & T had an unfortunate sweet taste. I guess I'll need to carry the tonic in with me. The tribulations of life & the efficiancies of capitalism.

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