Monday, April 18, 2005

Monday, Monday

Still having the cool glow of last night, even if my traveling companion seems concerned that I referred to the waiter as "cute." He's so 20th century. As Kurtis Ruffins said last night, "If you don't own a Kurtis Ruffins CD, shame on you! Shame on you!" I agree completely. & as I was talking to Dr. Michael White, he noted that he is teaching one class this term, be envious Joel. In typical, as least in my experience, New Orleans fashion, all the musicians hung out with the fans in a cordial, friendly way. We found out Kermit just taped an episode with Emeril. That ought to be a great show. Cooking & music, what could be holier? Back to the greater north woods today. Read the post below via Kos about the "transparency" of the Bush adminstration. I agree: THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER.

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