Saturday, April 16, 2005


Tommorrow I'm going to take a friend of my down to the kid's in the Cities. I'm going to do some musical education on the bio-boy, aka, Whitey B. We're going to see Kermit Ruffins, trumpet player, & Dr. Michael White, clarinet player. They're playing at the Dakota. They are both wonderful New Orleans jazz musicians. It will be great. I'll update you on Monday.

Remember, the extreme, radical ReThuglian party wants to force all of to be under the rule of a theocracy. We must fight this in every way possible. One thing is to enjoy great music. Another way is to laugh. Another is to not take yourself too seriously. So I encourage you to listen to the blues, U2, the Stones, good jazz, Louis Armstrong, the Meters, Joe Ely, it goes on & on. The backward religous right wants us to not have any fun, believe me, just look at the cat-torturer Bill Frist - when's the last time he had any fun? What about Tom "Bugman" DeLay? Not a fun guy. This Thursday at the Black Cat in Ashland, WI; Drinking Liberally, with name tags & other info to use against Bush & his minions. Shoulder on, oh ye of great faith.

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