Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Works For Me

As I sit in my onliest coffee house, I think it's true that we have got to stop listening to these "centrist" Dems who really are just from the other party, but want to have fun, at our expense. The values most people hold concern their salaries, their families, i.e., supporting them, their vacations, or lack thereof. They also value clean air, clean water, happiness, coffee, beautiful men, handsome women, below average kids, & cars that start in the winter. They also want a dog that listens once in awhile & doesn't crap in the house. They also want a cat that won't be shot by some moron hunter. More on cat hunting later. It really is too funny - I mean, a state record non-typical Maine Coon Cat? Let's worry about habitat destruction, guys (a non-gendered term for me, OK?)
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Daily Kos :: Pandering To the Mythical Values Voter
Daily Kos :: Pandering To the Mythical Values Voter

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