Friday, March 25, 2005

Third Time

I am about to get the ability to post pictures, just a little bit more time. I am going to miss today's cat blogging. I still furious about this Schiavo debacle. Although I did write to my Senators asking them to sponsor a bill in my daughter's name so she can get health insurance. I wonder if they will answer. On another note, I feel proud to note that the goofballs at Power Line have called me a "moron." I wear the title proudly, especially since such paragons of virtue, honesty, & manliness gave it to me. What a bunch of backward thinkers. Anyway, onward & upward with this blog thing. I will soon be posting on Northland College, an institution that I graduated from & then taught at for over a decade. I won't bore you with the injustice of working as an adjunct, but I recently downloaded their 990 form & was quite surprised at the financials. I also want to do more on the local politics of the largest (7,000) city near me. Otherwise, spring is in the air & in my driveway of mud, but at least it is not the red clay down the hill from me.

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