Saturday, April 30, 2005

In Spite of It Being the Last Day of April

I'm posting four of my own poems. Enjoy.

The moon is half
what it used to be
& what it will become
cold looking
this April night
bright through
yet bare tree limbs
it’s too easy
looking forward
into May
when April’s
snow clouds
blow in over
the low horizon
& the evening grosbeaks


If the sun revolves(it does)
then there is nothing
behind the sun
that isn’t also
(in front of the sun)
some of the time
so the singer
in the park
with the guitar
& leather soled shoe
should not wonder

or try too hard


for Stewart, Malia, Bella, & Lola

You opened your home
& wore your hearts
on your sleeves
right where they belong
sick baby
ailing grandfather
& since your hearts
are in the open air
we see
the red beat
the blue beat
the road with no forks
going so far west
you’re almost east
with the sweet voice of the ne ne



it’s a long way south
to get to where
you don’t
have to waste
the gin
by throwing it
like bad medicine

or swallowing

one more heartbreak

good gin

in a plastic cup
is good gin
& sipping it
while walking
down Magazine St.
under the big

live oaks

& on to some
side street
like Jena
or Camp
under the thickly
green magnolias
with Carnival
in the air
& on the streets
& in the hearts
& dance steps
& groove walks

of everyone
under the

crescent moon

of New Orleans
& each gin sip
one smooth step
closer to heaven

or whatever erotic

pillow fight

it’s called
& what’s the coolest
but to walk with the go cup

into Le Bon Temps Roule

& start over
one more time


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Anonymous said...

Poems! If you aren't trashing Bush I'm going to have to go bad to Kos as my homepage! Oh wait wait I see the line or whatever erotic
Maybe there's hope....reading on.