Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ashland City Council

So the backward thinkers elected R. Maiwald again as council president. The ballot was secret, 6-5 in favor of Maiwald over Kathy Allen. While secret, it appears to be clear that Rodney elected himself by voting for himself, which is, of course, perfectly legal. My reccomendation to the 5 forward thinkers, on all matters of true importance for the city of Ashland, & the surrounding area which it influences, keep the vote at 5-5 & make Rodney Maiwald show where he stands, with the citizens of the city or with others. We see with the strike of honesty from the senator from Ohio in regards to the Bolton issue, maybe the five other councilors will understand what progress means & do the right thing. Stay tuned, I'll soon have some stats concerning certain councilors attendance at meetings over the last year. It ought to be interesting. To the progressives on the council, you've more or less done well so far, keep the spine stiff, there can be no compromise with the dark side.

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