Wednesday, April 13, 2005

No More, Please, No More

Another discussion at the coffee house & again, all we need to do is "use" a different rhetoric. I hate rhetoric because of the way it is spelled, among other things. So when the next great Dem candidate is asked about gay marriage, s/he is supposed to respond - "No one should be forced to marry a gay person." That's cute, right up there with "safe, legal, & rare." Y'all note where that got us. Getting married is two people's decision; not mine, not the neighbor's, & certainly not the government's. Jeez, Louise, leave us alone. The more gay marriage the better, gays can't be any worse at marriage that herteros, for cripes sake. & my 33 year old marriage can not be damaged by gay marriage, it can only be helped, believe me. The croci, I'm sure that's wrong - but I like it, are up & love is in the air. Mayflies & caddis aren't far off, baby robins falling out of nests will soon be upon us, & those damn feral cats or Fluffy, will be feasting & there will be sad ceremonies in back yards all over the nation, plus, there will be a run on shoeboxes.

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