Monday, April 11, 2005

Drop The Hammer

Read & take action, we are making a difference.

Tom DeLay's Web of Corruption
Dear xxxx,

I'm Brian Komar of the American Progress Action Fund, and part of the Drop the Hammer team. In just five days, more than 11,687 of you have asked corporate America to say "no" to Tom DeLay's unethical behavior. You are making a difference.

Your efforts to hold Bacardi, Nissan, American Airlines, Verizon and RJR accountable was the subject of stories last week on CNN, NPR, the Associated Press, and the Dallas Morning News. Yesterday, Republican Congressman Chris Shays publicly called for Tom DeLay to step down from his position as House Majority Leader - and Republican Senator Rick Santorum said DeLay "has to come forward and lay out what he did and why he did it."

Take Action Now!

1. Call American Airlines and ask them to Drop the Hammer:
* Tim Wagner, Spokesman, (817) 967-1577
* Dan Garton, EVP, Marketing (817) 931-9351
* Ralph Richardi, SVP, Customer Service (817) 967-2000

Unlike Representative Shays, American Airlines has not yet dropped their support for Tom DeLay. This is how American Airlines' Spokesman, Tim Wagner, explained the donation to DeLay's legal defense fund on NPR:

"We were told that Mr. DeLay, a member of Congress from our headquarters state was facing substantial legal bills that he was unable to pay personally because of their size and his limited resources." (Click Here to hear this exchange on NPR)

There are millions of ordinary Americans that have bills to pay and limited resources. American Airlines should be helping those folks, not an ethically-challenged Congressman like Tom DeLay.

Call senior American Airlines officials and ask why they gave money to defend Tom DeLay's unethical behavior and demand that they ask for their money back:

* Tim Wagner, Spokesman, Corporate Communications – (817) 967-1577
* Dan Garton, Executive Vice President, Marketing – (817) 931-9351
* Ralph Richardi, Senior Vice President, Customer Service – (817) 967-2000

Please remember to be firm but polite when you call.

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