Saturday, April 30, 2005

New Blog Links #1

I have learned how to make links to other blogs on the sidebar of this page. I've listed two. The first is from my good friend Elka who lives in Oakland, but really belongs back in, as she says, Wisco. Maybe by listing her blog, she will be forced to actually blog once in awhile. The other blog listed is Atrios. He is about the only blogger you may need, since his bloglist is soooo long, you probably won't be able to read them all in one day, unless you have a lot of down time. He's also a good lefty, who understands what it means to give a crap about the country. He's the first blog I go to after I read my on-line papers in the morning. I do plan to add some more - I guess they would be the blogs that make me feel good, from realizing I'm not the Lone Ranger, to making me laugh out loud. Later.


Anonymous said...

ehh.. informative thread :)

Anonymous said...

я так считаю: бесподобно!! а82ч