Sunday, April 09, 2006

Piano Rail Blogging

So, yesterday the SideKick, Mrs. SideKick, Joe, the New Guy, Mrs. Joe, the New Guy, Da Mayor, Da Mayor's Kid, Mrs. coldH2O, & I went way up north to Herbster, WI, for their, I guess, famous, smelt fry. It was held in the old school gym, a log building from back when. The building has been nicely maintained over the years, with help from the proceeds from the smelt fry. It was good. I do love fried smelt & I love to eat an invasive species. These salt water fish were dumped in a lake in lower MI. This lake had an outlet to Lake Michigan & thus the invasion. As a youngster I enjoyed seine netting these small fish as they made their spawning run. Now I enjoy someone else doing the catching, I enjoy the eating. I spent the early part of yesterday trying to develop a profile for some picture molding that the kid wants for her house. My first attempt was REJECTED. I felt so bad that after the smelt fry, I spent some money at another fundraiser, this time for Trout Unlimited, one of the two or three major causes in my life. I bought some flies, a hat, a hickory walking stick for Mrs. coldH2O, plus other assorted stuff. Feeling rejected, but morally superior this a.m., I went back to the router table to try another profile. Somebody at the Porter-Cable factory forget to tighten the two small screws that hold the ribbed plate that adjust the depth of cut for the router. The rest of the day was spent getting those two little screws, some lock-tite, & making some feather boards. Now, I'm sitting in my recliner moping because it's clear Tiger won't win the Masters. But, don't tell my doctor, I'm enjoying a small portion of grapefruit juice, so things can't be all bad. Later, gator.


Anonymous said...

OK, OK, I bought an antique bamboo fly rod and old fly rod reel today on Ebay along with some leader material and old flies.
When we goin' fishin' buddy?

Anonymous said...

you can't make me feel guilty. you'll get that picture rail right yet. remember who the boss is......ME!!