Monday, April 17, 2006

Commenter's Outrage

Thanks to commenter Scott for this information about Jack Abramoff. I thought he was just an corrupt American ReThug racist, but it turns out that he was/is an international racist, as well. Thanks again, Scott.

"...whitewashing Abramoff's past service on behalf of South Africa's apartheid government.
"Abramoff has never acknowledged that he knew of South African government support for the IFF, and told Newsday that the allegations that he accepted South African funds for Red Scorpion were “outrageous.” He claimed that Red Scorpion was an independent venture financed with private money. But according to my source, Abramoff was briefed by South African representatives about the nature and importance of the foundation's work. He became friends with Crystal; they even attended synagogue together. Another IFF member, Craig Williamson, was a South African spy who had previously gained renown within intelligence circles for having infiltrated the African National Congress. Williamson acknowledged earlier this year to South Africa's Mail & Guardian that the money for Abramoff's movie came from South Africa."

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