Sunday, April 16, 2006

Worthless Piece Of Columnist Crap

Here's my letter to Joe Klein, Time Magazine columnist. Go here to see what prompted my disgust.

Mr. Klein:
Yesterday, the day before Easter, I saw my first two grandchildren at 13 weeks, gestational stage. My daughter had an ultrasound & I was there, & it was very cool. Then I awoke on Easter & you, you son-of-a-bitch, dare speak for me as a liberal by saying we should be threatening Iran with "tactical nuclear weapons." How dare you & Time Magazine spread this evil, while I am still thinking about a positive future with my grandchildren. With "liberals" like you, my grandchildren have no future. What sort of person are you? But I do know that you are no liberal, liberals have a sense of decency that you will never possess.
Write your own letter to this, oh crap, I'm out of disgusting adjectives, no, wait a minute, this dickhead. There I feel better.

UPDATE: Here's Digby's take on Klein. A tidbit:

We don't want it on the table. It's, as Stephanopolous exclaimed, "insane." (The look on Klein's face when Steph did that was priceless.

UPDATE #2: Via H2Otiger, we get this sweet image.

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