Friday, April 28, 2006


Not much posting today. Had to work & one of my clients is going into jail tomorrow. Too bad. But that's how things go. Then I finished the next step in the picture rail molding for the kid. There's one more bit of routing to do, then some sanding, then the primer. My b-day coming up, so I upgraded my compressor, bought a paint sprayer, & bought a laser guide for my miter saw. I am now ready for the painting & the mounting of the molding. & it's all for the kid, which makes Mrs. coldH2O less likely to be really pissed off about the aforementioned purchases. Just a little pissed off. Later.

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Anonymous said...

be honest now, it is all for the twins, not your darling daughter. the blanket excuse "it's for the twins" is probably a lot more powerful than you think. good luck to mrs. coldh2o!