Friday, April 21, 2006

Cobra II

At the behest of commenter Pissed of Patricia, I went to the local, small chain bookstore last night, just before Drinking Liberally & bought the book Cobra II. PoP wants to know what I think of this book. I'm sure y'all have heard about this book, heard the authors on a whole variety of TV & radio shows, so this may not be news to you. I'm going to begin reading it tonight & will make reports to you, my loyal four readers. There have been lots of reports, reviews, etc., of the book out there, & my 2 cents worth may not add to the discussion, but it's time for non-fiction since I just finished a good book of short stories called johnny too bad, by John Dufresne. I was initially attracted to the book because of its cover, an English Setter head was the only decoration & the author's last name was the same as the bass player for Tab Benoit, a great bluesman from Houma, LA. He's also got a restaurant in Houma, so if your near, go eat. I first heard Tab Benoit at Jazz Fest, & since have been at clubs in Minneapolis & for Christ's sake, Merrill, WI. The book was a fine read & I'd recommend it. It's sort of linked stories, but don't take my word for it.

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