Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Socialism For The Rich

While I seriously question the sanity of someone who " the Twins,....", there is no doubt that Coleman is correct about this foolish give-away of taxpayer's money. Frankly, I'm supportive of taxes, how else do we get our roads repaired after winter? I am not, however, in support of tax revenues that go to the rich, private sector. This is not how it is supposed to work.

"I repeat for the understanding-impaired: I love the Twins, and I'm in favor of a beautiful new park, someday. But the plan before us is a travesty. A relentless money campaign has subverted the democratic process and bypassed safeguards set up to protect a public that has been cut out of the deal -- but is being taxed a billion.

What we are watching is a power grab in which wealth talks and democracy walks. According to Sen. John Marty, the Pohlad family has contributed $200,000 to lawmakers (of both parties) in the past five years, and the bucks have paid off: The Legislature is rolling over, subsidizing private interests with tax dollars and making a mockery of the law giving voters the final say."

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