Saturday, April 15, 2006

Laugh Out Loud

Man, James Wolcott is just, well, the tops. Go read the whole piece.

"My point is that someone in the control room seems to have set out to subvert Bill Donohue's guest appearance by distracting the audience with an animated turd. It certainly distracted me. The truth is, I didn't/couldn't pay attention to a word the old wheeze bag said with that talking turd wagging back and forth on the screen. It was more than a distraction. The juxtaposition was so jarring and yet so suggestive that it occurred to me that some joker at Fox may have been sneaking an editorial comment into the program, implying that Donohue himself is a talking turd. Indeed, that it's sometimes difficult to tell one turd apart from another. I applaud the ingenuity the gremlin at Fox News deployed in getting that point across (i.e., that Bill Donohue is a doody head)--I just don't think Good Friday is the appropriate occasion."

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