Sunday, April 09, 2006

Wolves, Way Out West

One of my heroes, at least for the time being, is Gen. J.C. Christian, patriot & all around 110% heterosexual guy. He also loves wolves as evidenced by this passage from one of his missives from the bowels of patriotism:
We adopted a gray wolf named Cricket for JC II's first grade class. It only cost $35 and the money goes to caring for the wolves. You can do the same by going here. In return, the class will get a photograph and bio of your wolf and each child will receive a pencil, a sticker, and a personal connection to the important work of saving a keystone predator from extinction. I know that sounds awfully French, but they are predators and some of them growl at you while you take the tour. It's the next best thing to having breakfast with Deputy Leader Cheney.
Now, even with his hero status in my mind, I can't completely trust an only 110% h.g., if you know what I mean. Therefore, I checked out his link & it turned out to be not too French, so go here to help wolves. As you can see, I'm always looking out for you guys.

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