Saturday, March 18, 2006

Stay Strong, Small Town

The second most important statement in this article concerns Bu$hCo's framing of any dissent as sedition. Good for these good people of Vermont.

"The protest unfolded in a white meeting house on one of the prettiest town commons in Vermont. The debate at the Town Meeting was by all accounts unfailingly polite. And when the secret ballots were counted, residents of this tiny resort town had voted 121 to 29 to impeach President Bush."

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Anonymous said...

I read the article. Too bad they'll lose some of the tourism from right wing idiots. The sad thing, though, is that they seem sorry for the vote because it will mean less tourism dollars. Looks like money is the bottom line for leftist thinkers too in Vermont. Afraid to make a stand for what they feel is the correct course because their sacred cow and fountain of gold will take a hit.