Friday, March 17, 2006

It's Done

Hey, hey, hey - I reached my goal of 10,000 visitors in a year's time. & 3 weeks early! I think I started this blog about this time last year, but didn't get the sitemeter stuff going until April 7, 2005, so I wanted to use the April 7 date as my blogiversary. The kid called & told me about it, thanks. & thanks to all my readers, the loyal 4. It's been fun & I'm looking for increased traffic in the future. Thanks again & keep the comments coming. Except for the moron trolls, keep it to yourself. Like the goof who thinks we should be happy that rich, white men destroyed the true habitat of the northwoods. He claims we have all this wildlife up here & we should be thanking the lumber barons. Well, I-must-not-have-done-too-well-at-school boy, we've had to bring back the fisher, the martin, & the wolf came back on his own. There were no stinking white-tailed deer up here, only moose, elk, woodland caribou. I won't even go into the bird issue. Now, some goofballs have planted Rocky Mountain elk a bit south of here & they keep dumping splake into Lake Superior. There has been a recent attempt to reestablish the coaster brook trout population, but it has had limited success. Mostly because the clear-cutting of the timber & lousy farm practices have pretty much destroyed the inland brook trout habitat. More on that later. But again, thanks to all of you for making this a good year for me & hopefully a little less comfortable for the ReThugs & the boy president. Later.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on reaching 10000. This is a fun blog - Keep up the good work and remember the only thing that will save the USofA is a Democratic majority in either or both houses. No matter how smelly the candidate a majority is a must.
We don't need to respect them in the morning, we just need their services.

Anonymous said...

Count me in as number 5.