Monday, March 27, 2006

Sifu Tweedy

Yes, what he said. This uprising seems to have slipped beneath the media's radar. It's good to see this being talked about a bit more. In Chicago, Mayor Daley let the march. Milwaukee had a march, plus 200 protested in Senslessbrenner's home county. That fat bastard, I may have to move in with my mother-in-law & try to convince people down there that he hates America.

"Paraphrasing George Peppard, I love it when a giant, angry, highly motivated voting bloc (grass roots, spontaneous, exponential, virulently anti-GOP) comes together. Especially when that bloc’s been kicked around for, like, ever, and it’s all your fault, you and your racist bedfellows. And you were trying, on the ludicrous basis of a shared love of pickup trucks, to get them to LIKE you? To vote for you? How’s that going?"

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Anonymous said...

What's with this "we have ours and you can't have any" attitude of Americans that don't want Mexicans here?
My Grandfather came here, courted as labor to build this nations infrastructure, less than 100 years ago. Now, he's an American but anyone else who comes here is a felon?
This is what business is doing now, courting labor so their coffers can be filled by paying cheap labor. They are luring these people here so they don't have to pay a living wage. How is this "punishment" (for being a felon as an illegal or a business that hires them) going to be meted out? That will cost a bit, eh?
Let's spend just a small amount of the $400 Billion that we spend to kill and destruct in the Middle East and help our neighbor to the South. Then they will have an economy and the people will be less likely to leave. Hell, I'll go down there and get a job!
I say let them come legally. Let them just prove they have a job ready and waiting. Let them pay taxes. Then let's tax the crap out of business that hires from across the border.That ought to help pay down the trillions of dollars of debt.