Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Almost Nothing

I've just finished reading my morning online papers. Here's the list:

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
The New York Times
The St. Petersburg Times
The Toledo Blade
The Washington Post
The Star Tribune"
The Boston Globe
The Times Picayune
Chicago Tribune
L.A. Times
San Francisco Chronicle
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

This is not to brag, but to show you that even with reading these papers, I still got nothing but a headline about the SideKick's stuffed penguin. I believe it's a hangover from listening to Bu$hCo on the radio yesterday. As I was driving to work, I tuned in C-Span to listen to the press conference. After about 12 miles my head was about to explode & I turned to the Blues channel. The loose stitching in my brain shrunk back to their normal state & I didn't deposit brain spittle all over Hwy. 13. I suppose that's a good thing, at least for my loyal four readers. I'm going to the blogs now, maybe something will be there. Later gator.

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