Saturday, March 18, 2006

3 Years

It's been three years. Bu$hCo, the Incompetent, The Worst President Ever, has kept his war going for three years. & where are we? A fake battle, see below, Osama still free, & the moron is beating the drums for invading Iran. We have become something I never dreamed back in 1967 or 1963 or 1958. We've become a country controlled by fear, a country who doesn't care, not only about the people of the world, but the people in its own country. Don effing Imus has to a run fund raiser to make sure wounded soldiers are cared for. WTF? I saw a comment today over at PZ Myer's place that suggested all of us sad, pissed off patriots go move to some other country. I remember back in, actually it was 1967, & I was at a Dow demonstration at UWMadison. I remember a young man, christ I was even younger than him, saying that he wanted Dow & namplam & Viet Nam gone because he loved his country. I agreed. I stayed. I got a bum knee. Graduated from beer to martinis & bourbon, had a heart attack, quit smoking & started a blog. I do love this country, but not the warts, not the neo-fascists, not the, frankly, deniers of WiFi. But I've also watched the bird hunting in the upper Midwest go to hell, for a variety of reasons. I've seen victories, but then the wealthy from Duluth want to strip mine the Penokee Mts. for taconite. They have no conscience, absolutely no ethics. Their children laugh with dirty, wet martinis, rather than clean & dry gin. There are those that claim most of us will be dead before the mine comes, but that's of little comfort. But then I see Shutterwi take & post some great pics. I see a new friend from the Mojave Desert fighting the same good fight & another pissed off new friend fight the good fight in Florida, the birthplace of our present nightmare. So I will wash down a vike with this bourbon & seltzer & my knees will work better for awhile, finish watching Gods & Monsters while I end this post, wait until 10 p.m. CST & watch an hour of The Red Green Show, & be really happy that the kid, pregnant again, was part of an anti-war march down in the Cities today. It could always be worse.


Shutterwi said...

Home and tired otherwise well. I need to read this post a little more later when my head is clear. It seems to me that the clues to 1967 have been widen

coldH2O said...

Nice try, right year mentioned, but wrong tree to bark up.