Friday, March 17, 2006

Bad Blogger

Apparently Blogger has been doing bad things to the comments. I've had a bit of trouble lately with posting pics. Anyway, a commenter who was unable to post emailed his comment instead. It's about the lunacy of the proposed mine in Mellen, WI. Don't forget, there was a secret meeting, including Ashland city employees, about this mine. Here's the comment:

The ore isn't going anywhere. There should not be a rush to judgement on this. I do not believe we need jobs at any cost. This countryside that was raped a hundred years ago in the great timber harvest that left nary a tree standing. The largest community in the region has adopted a sustainable model for management which would ask for recycling over mining. Which resource is more important in the long run water or iron? There are no studies I know of that point to an iron shortage to impact mankinnd in the future however you need not look far to find studies that point to the value of clean water. RLK


Anonymous said...

My friend, if you haven't noticed yet, China and India are two major countries that are developing and have billions of people. As those countries continue to grow and develope so will their need for steel and yes steel prices are already sky high because of the demand. Nobody said to "rush" into this minning issue of yours "for jobs at any cost". There are evironmentaly friendly ways to mine, which would spur huge economic developement in a way that still preserves the pristine lakes and rivers. On a side note, the logging that was so horrible was what built your town, with the lake as a major port. When those ancient pines were cut down it generated new and a more diverse forest than waht was there creating habbitat for deer, birds, rabbits, fox ect., so without that new habbitat there would be less wildlife to enjoy. Not to mention the base of the community that is there because logging took place.

pissed off patricia said...

Man is always saying he can create nature better than nature can. No he can't. He just creates nature better than he thinks nature can because he's already screwed it up so badly.

Anonymous said...

You should be happy on St. Patty's Day pissed off Patty. Anyway, noone said man could create nature better than nature could create nature.

coldH2O said...

It isn't a new & diverse forest, it is a popple plantation. Get your damn facts straight. But even with the physical destruction, what's worse is how these rich, white men exploited the workers who gave them their wealth from the sweat of their brows. & the exploitation continutes.

Anonymous said...

The mine is a POLITICAL issue, not an ECONOMIC issue. This is important for all to understand. Let me explain: The mine will take 1.2 billion to open. The iron ore, at present value, is worth approximately 700 million. So, despite what the Anonymous poster says above, the price of iron ore has to DOUBLE before opening the mine would even turn a slim profit. The Penokee Mining Company currently lacks investors who have 1.2 billion in cash. This is no small amount of money. No environmental impact study has been performed proving the ore can be mined safely. This study MUST be done prior to opening the mine. Furthermore, American businesses are notoriously secret in their dealings. So, why, without an environmental impact study, with a complete lack of investors, steel prices nowhere near high enough and business's propensity towards secrecy are the Republicans, Dave Zein, Senator Schultz, Martinsen & Co. all raising the mine issue at this time?

Wisconsin is predicted to be "the battle ground state" in the 2008 presidential elections. Yes, we are predicted to be the next Ohio. Furthermore, Ashland and Bayfield counties are the bluest counties in Wisconsin. Ashland and Bayfield Counties are responsible for Governor Doyle's victory and these same counties pushed Kerry over the top for Wisconsin in 2004.

I believe the Republicans are attempting to use the Penokee Mine as a "Wedge Issue" (similar to God, Guns and Gays) in an attempt to force democratic candidates to come out prematurely in support of, or against the mine. If a Democratic candidate comes out against the mine at this premature time, they may loose the blue collar vote. Remember that the majority of people in Ashland and Bayfield counties are desperate for good paying jobs. If the Democrats support the mine at this premature time, they may loose the vote of environmentalists. From a democratic perspective, to take a stand on the mine at this time is wofully premature. So, I say again, this mine debate is a POLITICAL issue at this time, designed to peel off the blue collar or green vote from the Democrats in Ashland or Bayfield counties. A debate on the Penokee mine is at LEAST ten years premature and people who lean to the left and do not want to see this mine open would be wise to remember that fact and keep their powder dry.

This is the time to be organizing coalitions of hunters, fishers, boaters, anyone who relys upon the Lake Superior and Bad Water Watersheds to be organing these constituent groups. The Bad River Tribe is currently seeking, from the EPA and DNR, to get regulatory authority over the Bad River Watershed. We would be wise to educate and organize the users of this watershed to support the Bad River Tribe in their efforts to get this authority. This broad base of supporters then needs to be educated on the issues concerning the mine. Remember, the mine is at least ten years off. So, to paraphrase the great Joe Hill: Now is NOT the time to mourn....Now is the time to ORGANIZE!

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