Monday, March 20, 2006

Russ Feingold

Via Hullabaloo, Russ in his own words.
"The idea that Democrats don't think it's a winning thing to say that we will stand up for the rule of law and for checking abuse of power by the executive --- I just can't believe that Democrats don't think that isn't something, not only that we can win on, but it does, in fact, make the base of our party, which is so important, feel much better about the Democrats. The Republicans care deeply about making the base of their party feels energized. What about the people of our party who believe in the Democratic Party especially because they fight for the American values of standing up for our rights and civil liberties?"

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Found this post on the "official" Drinking Liberally website. I think it's good stuff and right on.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

GOP May Lie, But Dems Just Lie Down

Three years after "shock and awe,"
Iraq looks more like quagmire and Civil War
...yet Dems can't unite & call it a mistake.

Three years after deceiving & bullying us,
Cheney, Rummy remain, Condi was promoted
...& Dems don't call for resignations.

Three years of no WMDs & deadly IEDs,
Abu Ghraib shame & climbing US casualties,
invincible W has a 33% approval rating
...yet Dems pause at the call for censure
(& flee from the call for impeachment).

W's gang sees failure & calls it success.
Too many Dems see failure & call it nothing.

Three years of GOP lies while Dems lie down.
About time Murtha, Feingold & Harken stand up.

Stand in unity, in strength & in a bar
as we raise our voices & our glasses
at our weekly democratic drinking club.

Find -- or start -- a chapter near you.
posted by Justin Krebs