Monday, April 04, 2005

What's Up At Northland College?

(Full disclosure: I am a former employee of Northland College. I finally asked for more money, they declined & I'm happy. My wife, who shall remain nameless, is presently associated with the college.) So the recently hired Director of the Sigurd Olson Institute of Environmental Studies resigned. He is gone already. That was quick. I'd be interested to know what happened? Anyone out there with some info, let me know. The Institute, IMHO, has been an important, albeit, underutilized & underappreciated, part of Northland College for quite some time. It's always sad to see this kind of disarray with an environmental organization. I have long felt that the Institute's greatest failing was its refusal to be an advocate for the environment, rather than some lame clearinghouse for information. What are the real problems at the Institute? Why can't they attract a long term commitment from an environmentalist to run the place? The school itself can not seem to answer those questions, publicly, at least. Maybe this is all being done in secret. Secrecy is highly overrated & symptomatic of real problems. & lastly, who is in charge of the Institute right now?

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